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True Love

True, love, feelings, welfare

What is True Love? Those who have experienced true love at least once in their lifetime can consider themselves to be fortunate. Even if one has loved and lost, it is truly a memorable experience that lasts a lifetime.
A person may meet many prospective partners in one's lifetime but when he meets someone whom he is truly attracted to, the feeling comes naturally.He will not be able to pass one day without thinking of her and her image, her actions will constantly flash through his mind. Have you ever felt that way before? He would even place her welfare before his very own and the concern which he feels for her is truly genuine.
Whenever he sees her talking to someone else or even flirting with someone else, he will feel very jealous. Believe me, if you do not have any real feelings for another girl, even if that girl deliberately flirts with someone else to make you feel jealous, you will not even feel any pangs of jealousy.
True love is when a person can place someone else's welfare and well being before himself and he feels genuine concern for her. But if true love is not reciprocated by the other party, one's feelings will be truly hurt and love can turn to hate.
I am writing this article based on my own true life experience. But I believe that whoever we marry in this lifetime is truly based on destiny. One may have loved many girls and can be loved in return, but the person we eventually marry is truly determined by fate. Sometimes a person may love another but the person does not love him or her and also vice versa.
So accept whatever will happen in the course of your love quest and also I wish all of you netizens happy hunting and loving.
Published: 2007-11-24
Author: Chan Loon

About the author or the publisher
I am a Malaysian man aged 55 and I have recently retired. As I have plenty of spare time and I need money to survive, I surf the internet looking for job opportunities. Yesterday I came across your site and here I am signing up as a writer. My interests are in reading and swimming. I can speak and write good English and would like to try my hand as a writer. I would like to write on my life experiences and on self development.

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