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Truth reveals itself


Truth Reveals Itself

You mock me of my blindness; but you who are with eyes do not see where you are leading nor with whom you share your heart. These were the words of Teiresias, the old blind prophet, the only one in Thebes who knew the whole truth while all the others with vision knew only pieces, or even none, of the truth. The story of Oedipus presents to us a vivid situation where darkness is proven to be not at the extreme negative, rather positive, end. For in the purity of the black, people see more. In the prophet’s world, things looked clear and essential; in the world of the seeing people, things looked right when in truth they were not. The truth could have been obvious had they allowed their eyes to see deeper. Here, blindness seemed to be much more comfortable than a complete 20-20 vision; the seeing see little just the same.

Moreover, darkness was also proven by Oedipus himself as not a curse, but a refuge. The curse was not in the darkness, but in the life of shame lived with the light. After having learned of the mysteries and secrets of his past, Oedipus plucked out his own two eyes that he may live in total darkness, and that in total darkness he may be spared from the shame of the evil he had done, that is, murdering his own father, marrying his own mother and having children who were his own brothers.

It is depressing to realize how quickly and viciously people try all ways and means to evade something they wouldn’t take to happen. They desperately try to weave their own fate, using their own hands and their own fabric. Then in the end, they find themselves more stricken than they would have been had they not intervened with what was decreed by fate. If it is destined to happen, it will for a purpose. Why evade it? For the sake of the name too much cared for or the untainted reputation? Fate excludes no one; king and poor man are equal.

However, we can not put the blame on King Lauis and Queen Jocasta for having their child thrown only upon knowing the oracle; nor can we blame the king’s shepherd for not having the child killed, or the other shepherd for having given Oedipus to Polybus. Neither can we blame the oracle of Delphi. In one point of the analysis, we cannot discount the possibility that they must have been helpless victims of the small yet powerful circle of life, of the irreversible decrees of fate.

We have heard so much of the maxim: Truth hurts. But in the story of Oedipus, not only does truth hurt but it kills. This does not mean, however, that truth is to be evaded to avoid misery. Only in truth can one be freed; only in the truth of his identity and follies was Oedipus freed into the world of darkness, from a world of brightness and uncertainty. In the normal course of things, the truth shall always be revealed, with no exceptions nor excuses. It will surface either man be ready or not.

The whole story of Oedipus revolved around one thing, the truth they desperately tried to avoid, the truth which, after all the years of having been buried, came out and took everybody by surprise and denial. It was the truth the seeing people couldn’t see before, and which they now try to hide from.
Published: 2007-02-20
Author: Ruby Anne Dulnuan

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i'm a second year Political Science student of Saint Loius University here in Baguio City. Since grade school, I have already been exposed into the world of writing, as I have been one of the leading and promising members of our school paper staff. The same situation has gone through high school. It's such a pity that I didn't pursue my plan for a journalism course for college. Yet that's fine with me coz I can still make use of this burning passion for writing I have.

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