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Trying to See Lasik Eye Surgery Clearly

Lasik Eye Surgery

Lasik eye surgery is all over your TV and radio. It seems there's a new method or a lower cost alternative every day. It never hurts to be careful, and learn as much as possible. Lasik eye surgery is an incredible procedure, but it is still surgery.

With Lasik eye surgery, can I can throw my glasses away?

Don't make quick assumptions. Many Lasik eye surgery patients still wear glasses. Whether or not you still need glasses after the surgery, the results will be with you for good. It's important to know why you want the surgery.

Who is the technician with the laser anyway?

Ask questions. A legitimate, board-certified ophthalmologist should
have no trouble answering questions about their success rate. After your Lasik eye surgery, will it be the doctor caring for you, or will he pass the buck to a non-physician?

Will Lasik eye surgery work the first time?

It depends strongly on your refractive error. The more myopic, or
[nearsighted you are, the more likely you are to need “refinements”. Ask your doctor what your chances are of needing a second Lasik eye surgery.

Is everyone eligible for this procedure?

Lasik eye surgery is not a good idea for people with severely dry eyes or certain types of corneal disease. Ask your doctor if there is anything in your medical history that might disqualify you.

How does this work, anyway?

Laser in-situ keratomileusis, or LASIK eye surgery, works by reshaping the cornea, or lens of the eye, through the use of lasers. The patient is awake for the entire procedure. Lasik eye surgery is just one of a number of methods of cornea repair available to ophthalmologists today.

How quickly will Lasik eye surgery work?

Lasik eye surgery has a very high success rate coupled with a fast recovery time. Over eighty percent of Lasik eye surgery patients achieve their desired vision by the third day post-op.

Will the surgery hurt?

Lasik eye surgery is associated with very little pain. Remember, though that any surgery is a serious matter.

What about stitches, bandages and patches?

With a successful surgery, there is no reason for any bandaging or sutures with Lasik eye surgery. Most post-op treatment is accomplished with eye drops. This medication is very important to the healing process, so follow your doctor's instructions closely.

How much does Lasik eye surgery cost?

Typically, Lasik eye surgery costs about $2000 to $2250 per eye. Insurance companies may or may not cover the procedure.

What if something goes wrong, can it be changed back?

Wrong. Lasik eye surgery is not reversible. If the procedure doesn't work the first time your two options are to live with the results or have further corrections applied.

Lasik eye surgery will not always eliminate the need for glasses. Your eyes will still deteriorate as you get older. Think carefully about your options before undergoing any medical procedure. Lasik eye surgery should not be tried without first seeking the advice of your own physician. Be wary of any doctor who promises unmitigated success.

Lasik eye surgery is effective, but not always the right solution.
Published: 2006-05-08
Author: PearlyWrites, LLC

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