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turbulent waters

water, politics, gods, floods

Political braggers ran off for cover
Rain gods washed away their garbs
Potholes showed the depth of malice
& thus began the politics of floods

This time the god is blamed
Although he helped’em win elections
As the winds have sided with opponents
Gods are pestered like unwanted tenants

Media circus going great guns
Floods forced into political gutters
The images of villages submerged in water
Now fail to impress the sensible viewers

No place and no food to avail
For the weary feet in search of shelter
Even the Sun setting in Indian Ocean
Must be quite weary of turbulent waters
Published: 2006-08-28
Author: Aniket Kavathekar

About the author or the publisher
I am an engineer with passion for writing. That led me to a PG in Mass Communications from Sysmbiosis,Pune. I work as Marketing Communications executive, where again my core job is writing and creative conceptualizing. Business apart, I have been writing in Marathi as well. The writings are generally experimental and are from seemingly mundane incidences. Simplicity is the most complicated and tough thing to life as much in writing. I keep my writing simple and straight.

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