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Twelve (12) Ways to Power Pray

play tough, play to win, power lay, ipraying for the impossible, healing of cancer, talking to God.

Twelve (12) Ways to Power Pray

You’re downtrodden, deprived, depraved, depressed, dejected, discouraged, deceived, debt-ridden, diseased, in short, afflicted by all the negative “Ds” of life, in other words, you’re abounding and wallowing in problems. What do you do? Of course, when all things go wrong, you pray --- and pray, and pray, and pray --- but your prayers seem to be useless; no matter how and what you pray the problems don’t go away, you feel helpless. You are now asking, “Where are you Lord?” But you don’t give up easily, you remember what the Lord said, “pray unceasingly”; so you pray some more --- and more, and more ---but sadly, still no solutions in sight; in fact, the problems seem to increase in number and intensity. Your prayers remain unanswered or even unheard up there in heaven or may not have traveled far and failed to reach the Father. This time you begin to lose hope, you become hopeless. When you reach this stage, you are now wondering “Is there really God?”

Why is this happening? This is because the devil has developed a virus that attacks our prayer mechanism and before the prayer could be airborne it disintegrates into senseless and incoherent letters. Our prayer is stillborn. But how could this happen? Simple! The prayer is so ordinary that we just recite them without life; the prayer comes from the mouth not from the heart anymore. And Satan’s virus easily infects this kind of prayer. We need a new breed of prayer full of power. We need Power Pray!

And what is Power Pray? It is similar to a power play in sports, especially basketball and football games, where you execute a play that is full of power and determination that the opposing players cannot thwart or block. In the same manner, you execute a Power Pray no opponent can withstand you (Joshua 1:5), not even Satan; no weapons can prevail against you (Isaiah 54:17)), the devil’s prayer virus included. For better appreciation and understanding there are other articles that aptly describe Power Pray!

The following are twelve (12) practical ways to Power Pray.

1. Pray Personal! Talk to God! Speak to God!

Don’t just pray; speak to God. Praying is actually talking to God, communicating with the Lord. When we speak to the Lord we are actually telling him something. Speak to Him as a friend. We are a friend of God; He himself affirmed it. We are used to our traditional way of praying --- reciting a litany of memorized prayers, followed by rapid fire supplications, talking (almost non-stop) about our problems, about what we want, about so many things; and after bursting our concerns, worries, wants and wish-lists we get weary and fall asleep. The problem with this prayer is we do all the talking and let God just listen, we don’t give Him a chance to talk, we don’t ask Him what He wants us to do, instead we tell him what to do. What a way to dishonor God. In the Gospel of Matthew chapter 6, verses 7-8, the Lord says, “In prayer, do not babble like pagans, who think that they will be heard because of their many words. Do not be like them. Your father knows what you need before you ask him.”

How do you talk to God other than the way you pray? Well, there are several means of talking, speaking to God, a few but glaring biblical examples of which are Zacchaeus and the sycamore tree, the hemorrhagic woman and the cloak of Jesus, the paralytic man and the roof (see Power Pray 12).

The best way to speak to God is to make an appointment with Him, preferably on a regular basis, sort of like an appointment with your personal doctor or counselor. Unlike medical consultation though, appointment with God must be a life time habit. Find a suitable time for you where you can talk to God in private without distractions, a time for just the two of you. This is what we Charismatic call “quiet time”, that is, spending a few minutes of silence and listening to the Lord. Talking to God is brief and concise, after which more time is spent listening to the Lord. Some people usually have their quiet ime after midnight, allotting at least 15 to 30 minutes. In the New Testament we see Jesus always going to a private place usually in the evening or at dawn to talk and listen to the Father. This quiet time of Jesus with the Father is mentioned several times in the Gospels to highlight its importance. He is actually telling us that if He, who is God, has to spend quiet time with the Father, how much more we who are mere mortals. In Matthew 6:6, Jesus tells us, “But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you.” How personal and private with the Lord can you be! Note that there’s more than meets the eye in the highlighted words. Can you see it?

In my first quiet time with my Father, I asked for a house; in three years time I got it. In my following quiet time, I asked for a brand new car; after three months, the Lord said, “Done!” I got a car complete with accessories. You, too, can have a car, a house, and more besides, just as I did. You only have to ask your Father in secret, in your inner room. Try it, it worked for me. It will work for you, especially if you make your request with the Word of God (Power Pray No. 6) and “faith picture” (Power Pray No. 7). Are you asking the impossible? Try Power Pray No. 3.

2. Pray Provident! Ask God!

Don’t pray the problems. God knows your problems. Don’t ask, “Why these problems? Rather, ask God to get you out of the problems. To Pray Provident is to ask God what you need, even what you want. Our God is a generous God. He said in John 16:24, “Until now you have not asked anything in my name; ask and you will receive, so that your joy will be complete. “ Note He said He will give what we ask not only because we need it, but more than anything else He wants us to be happy and contented (complete joy). He wants us to be completely happy! Remember the Israelites wandering in the desert? They did not lack provisions; nobody died of hunger, or thirst. Of course many died because of disobedience; but that’s a totally different story. They asked for bread, God gave them manna from heaven, more than enough for everybody; they asked for water, God gave them water from the rock, imagine from the rock! Jesus, himself, assures us, “Ask and you will receive . . . for everyone who asks, receives . . .” (Luke 11:9-10).

I remember the time when I asked the Lord for a car so I can regularly attend the activities and render my service in our community (The Lord’s Flock Charismatic Community). I was then a new member of the community. I had an old second hand ford escort, so old and rickety that starting the engine was always a struggle; it conked out frequently in the middle of the road. It had no air conditioner, the engine ran noisily and the seats were worn out. My usual assignment was to pick up a priest who was a regular speaker in our monthly “Life in the Spirit Seminar (LSS). One time, the priest all of sudden told me, “Bro. Pol, riding in your car is a sacrifice, a harrowing experience. Why don’t you get a new car?” “Father, I don’t have that kind of money to buy a new car,” I replied. He looked at me straight in the eye and said, “Ask God to give you a new car! You’re serving Him, aren’t you? I’m sure God will provide.” When I got home I “prayed provident” in my quiet time and asked the Lord to provide me a new car quoting His promise in Philippians 4:19. True to His promise, He did give me a 4-door sedan complete with air-con and stereo radio-cassette player, through the Consultants of the project that I was supervising. Wow, God really works in a wonderful way.

Incidentally, after a few years in the Charismatic Renewal, I recalled that in my prayer, I asked for a car, not for money to buy a car. Perhaps, if I had asked for money, He would not have granted it because my need was not money, but a car. This leads us to a situation where you may say, I have been asking and asking and asking God but my prayers have not been answered. Well, maybe you’re praying wrongly or asking the wrong thing. Why not change it. Try it! Praying right and asking the right thing always work. It worked for me and my friends in the community. It will work for you!

3. Pray Big! Pray Impossible!

Why ask for the mediocre? Why pray for the ordinary? Ask for something big and extraordinary, our God is a big God; ask for something grand, our God is grandiose. Ask for the impossible, our God is the God of the impossible! (Luke 18:27). When you pray big the chance of your prayer reaching heaven is high because:

First, chances are the devil will ignore your prayer and will not lift a finger to block or steal it because he believes that what you’re asking is impossible and will not be granted anyway. When you pray the impossible, you are actually deceiving the deceiver! Wow, what a feat! You don’t just achieve the impossible; you also have the joy and satisfaction of outwitting the devil and see him eat his heart out in shame over his failure.

Second, when you pray big, its mass is so big and packed with power like the planet Jupiter that chances of it hurling to heaven are great that even two or three devils would not have enough strength to block or deflect it. This Power Pray will be more powerful if made in combination with Power Pray No. 4 and Power Pray No. 6.

Many marvelous healings and miracles happened in our community because we prayed big, we prayed impossible. Our Elder, Sis. Techie, always prays big. One day she prayed big, so big many believed, including me, it would be impossible to achieve. She prayed for a huge sum of money for the purchase of a lot and the construction of a 12-story Temple that the Lord has told her in her quiet time to build as a magnificent and lofty building for the Lord. We got the lot and now the building is on the 6th floor of completion. Amazingly, funds continue to pour down on the community as we faithfully pray big and impossible to the Lord. You have already seen how my big God gave me my impossible dreams --- a car and a house ---impossible for me to achieve with my meager salary as a government employee.

Impossible but true, a sister member of our community prayed for a partner in life with the following specifications --- religious, active in the community, loves music, a civil engineer, an only child, and to top it all, the name should start in letter “S”. Well, she got it all in one man, her ideal husband. She is now Mrs. Sarabia and blessed with a lovely daughter. They are leaving for the USA in a few days; her application for a working Visa as a nurse has been approved, another big answered prayer.

4. Pray the Name of Jesus!

There is power in the Name of Jesus! It is powerful than packs of dynamites, even more powerful than nuclear bombs. Praying the Name of Jesus is fail safe, it is sure fire. Just hear what He says in John 14:13, “Whatever you ask in my name I will do, so that the Father will be glorified in the Son.” Take note of the highlighted texts. He will do it not because of us, not because of our own merits. He will do it no matter who we are, regardless of what we’ve done, but to glorify the Father. Remember the thief on the cross? Jesus further assures us that even the Father, himself, will grant our prayer, if we “Pray the Name of Jesus!” (John 16:23). The Name of Jesus saves; the Name of Jesus heals; the Name of Jesus conquers evil.

Our Elders, Sir. Techie and Bro. Bobby, together with Bro. Froilan (Froi to his friends), a co-founder and a Director of the community, were in a car on their way to a provincial pastoral mission. They were running at full speed along the freeway. The driver was overtaking a long vehicle, a 10-wheeler truck, when out of sudden a big passenger bus on the opposite lane appeared. A fatal head-on collision was inevitable. There was not enough time to back up, nor enough velocity to get ahead of the 10-wheeler and avoid head-on collision with the bus. So the driver tried to stay close to the 10-wheeler they were overtaking to avoid collision with the bus. In the face of certain death, Bro. Bobby could only sigh, “This is it!” Bro. Froi could only utter, “Adios patria adorada” which means goodbye my beloved land, which is the first verse of a farewell poem written by our national hero, Jose Rizal, on the eve of his execution by the Spanish soldier. Sis. Techie, did not lose heart; she “Prayed the Name of Jesus.” She was shouting, “In the Name of Jesus, In the Name of Jesus, In the Name of Jesus!”. At that instant, their car was sucked sidewise under the 10-wheeler. They missed the collision and cheated death by a split second. Unfortunately, they were not out of danger yet; their car was partly under the long vehicle and was being dragged by ii at top speed. The driver could not extricate out their car under the vehicle. He had to let the car glide with the truck, otherwise, if he tried to slow down the car will be crushed like accordion, if he tried to pull out forcibly, their car would out of control. But Sis. Techie continued to shout the Name of Jesus and egged the others to do the same. And to their great relief, the car glided out of the truck smoothly allowing the driver to decelerate safely and pull over to the shoulder. They got out of the car and immediately praised the Name of Jesus and gave glory to the Lord.

Indeed, the Name of Jesus saves, “For anyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” (Romans 10:13). There are many witnessing of the saving power of the Name of Jesus by the members of our community. The awesome power of the Name of Jesus is overwhelming, achieves the impossible, moves the immovable and conquers everything, even death. The Name of Jesus drives demons, tramples snakes and scorpions. You have been given that authority to use His name (Luke10:19). Use it, Pray the Name of Jesus!

5. Pray Corporate! Pray Community! Pray Intercessory!

Join the community prayer, pray in fellowship with fellow believers. There is power, tremendous power in community prayer. When the whole congregation of believers prays together, prays in one accord, the Lord releases the full power, majesty and splendor of His outstretched arms. The Lord assures us that when two or three are gathered in His name, He is in their midst (Matthew 18:19-20). This is an assurance that the presence of the Lord is in the community prayer and fellowship. And when the Lord is present, the angels are all around. There is no way Satan and his cohorts can gate crash. I have witnessed unbelievable miracles of healing and restoration in our community, complete recovery from terminal cancers, deliverance from persecutions and false accusations, restoration of lost possessions, freedom from debts brought about by community prayers led by our Elders, Sis. Techie and Bro. Bobby Rodriguez.

Sis. Grace Lomarda, a senior staff assistant to the Secretary of Public Works and Highways and one of the Directors of our Community, is one of the miracle grounds of the Lord. When she was operated on to remove the mass on her stomach, she suffered severe infection, got meningitis and was on the verge of death. Her sisters and mother were crying as the doctor told them that it was only a matter of hours before her final departure. We were having our prayer concert of praise and worship in the community when at about ten o’clock in the evening, we got a call from her sister that the doctors gave up hope on Sis. Grace and the only way that could save her is prayer. Immediately, Sis. Techie, told us to pray together for the recovery of Sis. Grace. We refused to accept the verdict of the doctors. We rebuked the spirit of death, we prayed tough. At around 10:30 P.M. her sister called to inform us that Sis. Grace was showing signs of life again. We thanked and continued praising the Lord. We “Prayed the Word”, we “Prayed the Name of Jesus,” By about 11 P.M. we got a call again that she is already responding to their promptings and appeared to be praying with them. We continued thanking and praising the Lord louder; we “Prayed Innovative”, we did the “Jericho march” (we sang and praised the Lord as we marched seven times around our assembly hall). We claimed that we have successfully demolished the “Jericho wall” and drove the spirit of death. A few hours before dawn, her sister told us that Sis. Grace woke up and the first thing she asked was something to eat. Remember the little girl that Jesus brought back to life? The first thing Jesus said was to give her food to eat! Do you see something significant in these two similar situations?

Sis. Erlie, a co-employee of Sis. Grace, was comatose when we prayed intercessory and did the “Jericho march” again for her in our concert of prayer . After a week, she regained consciousness without brain damage whatsoever. Bro. Froi, with his terminal prostate cancer was already in the embarkation gate to the great beyond. We prayed corporate with praising, thanksgiving, worship and the “Jericho march” in our prayer meetings. Soon after, his name was stricken out of the departure list. Actually, Bro. Froi himself, did his own part in fighting the spirit of cancer. His bout with the devil is full of interesting, funny and inspiring episodes that deserves another long article.

6. Pray the Bible! Pray the Word of God! Pray Plagiarism!

There are more than 50,000 promises of God in the Bible. When we pray these promises and claim them these are very, very potent Power Pray. These thousands of God’s promises are there for us for the picking. The Word of God is medicine abundantly available to us at no cost. The Word of God is a doctor’s prescription free of charge. The promises were fulfilled during the early times and are still available today when you want them, where you want them. “The Word of God is power; the voice of God is splendor” (Psalm 29:4). The Word of God is sure to happen as He promised. He has spoken and what He has spoken will not come back to Him without achieving the purpose for which it was sent (Isaiah 55:11). The Word of God is God (John 1:1); the Word of God is powerful. And the power and potency of the Word do not change nor is it diminished since it was first uttered. There are many words of God that we can use and claim in our Power Pray. For example, Philippians 4:19 which I claimed in asking God for my brand new car is one of the favorite promises claimed by many believers. The book, “The New Power of the Word” by Sis. Techie Rodriguez contains a lot of witnessing and sharing by people who claimed and prayed the Word of God. This book also presents many promises of God, if not all 50,000 of them, that one can use as a power pray for specific occasions and problems.

If we “Pray the Bible”, we are actually using the spoken words of God in the form of prayers. We are turning the table to the Lord. We are invoking the very words He uttered, the promises He made to us. He has an eternal covenant with us, a divine contract that is effective and in force since the very first day of Creation up to now and forever. “Heaven and earth may pass away but my word will not pass away!” (Matthew 24:35) In fact, this divine covenant has no termination date. It is binding as the Alpha and Omega. And God will always be true to His promise. He cannot abrogate nor terminate His Covenant with us. He cannot violate any of the provisions of the Covenant. It is the Word of God “And the Word is God1” (John 1:1)

We can compose our own Power Pray quoting the biblical words of God. We can even quote word for word some prayers of biblical people, we can actually plagiarize God (I’m sure this is one plagiarism that cannot be legally sued). We can call this as Pray Plagiarism, a variation of the Pray the Word of God. The “Power of the Word” book has some good examples of this kind of prayer in the chapter on Power of the Word in Prayer. Two of these are reproduced at the bottom section of this article.

When we Pray the Bible, it becomes more effective if we call on the biblical names and titles of God just as the biblical people did, such as Yahweh Yireh (my provider), Yahweh Nissi (my banner), Abba (my Father), Yahweh Mirapha (my healer), My Refuge, My Fortress, Architect & Maker, and a lot more. There are also specific titles for Jesus (Son, God, Son of David, Messiah, Cornerstone, Lord of Lord’s, King of Kings, Rabbi) and for the Holy Spirit (Paraclete, Advocate, Counselor).

7. Pray Offense! Pray to Win! Pray Faith Picture!

Many basketball coaches subscribe to the concept of “a good offense is the best defense”., which is also the same as the “play to win.” According to many sports analysts many teams suffer unexpected defeats in spite of clear advantage because the team opted to “play not to lose” instead of playing to win. For example, a basketball team that is safely ahead in points in the closing minutes of the game may play to protect their advantage rather than to play offense and score more points. This kind of reactive and passive play often resulted in eventually losing the game to the offense motivated team. This regrettable situation is more evident in tennis games (also chess) where a stronger player loses because of “playing not to lose” rather than “playing to win.” I can never forget the famous battle cry of Gen. Douglas MacArthur, “In war there is no substitute for victory.” Likewise, in our Power Pray there is no substitute for victory!

This concept of “play to win” is not new and original. Long before it has been discovered by people in sports and competitive events, Jesus has already been teaching this to His disciples and followers. In the Gospel of Mark chapter 11, verse 24, Jesus says, “Everything you ask and pray for, believe that you have it already, and it will be yours” (NJB). This is a very effective Power Pray. We can pray offense, pray to win, surprise the enemy (Satan) and eventually claim and possess victory using this Power Pray that Jesus has been teaching us since two thousand and six years ago.

To the faithful followers of Jesus, especially Charismatic, this concept is more popularly known as “faith picture.” By faith, we claim that we have already received what we pray for. This is a little bit difficult to grasp. We, mortals, used to say, “To see is to believe.” God says otherwise, “Believe and you will see.” So there, lying before us, the very Word of God waiting for us to put to practice, not only as part of our prayer time but as a way of life.

My sister-in-law, Ligaya Laconico, a Section Chief, in the Bureau of Internal Revenue, sent me a text message last week of May, 2006, requesting to pray for her. She was one of those, interviewed and being considered for promotion as Assistant Division Chief. Automatically I thought of Power Pray No. 8, forwarded her request to the Intercessory Ministry of our Community. I replied, “Done. God bless!” When I got home, I remembered her request and thought of Pray Faith Picture; so I sent her a text message to pray and claim Mark 11:24. She called me by phone and excitedly told me that in their prayer meetings she pulled out in the verse message box, Mark 11:24 twice! I told her, “Confirmed, claim it, it’s yours!” And she replied confidently, “Victory!” A few weeks after, she informed me that she got the promotion. What an amazing God we have! By the way, she is an active member of the Lord’s Flock Community, BIR Chapter.

“Faith Picture” actually means, seeing a picture in your mind that what you ask from the Lord is already before you. And more than that, you are putting yourself into the picture. You are enjoying the things you ask. If you are praying for a house, you picture yourself sitting on the sofa watching television, cooking in the elegant dining room, sleeping in your spacious bedroom. How about that for faith picture? All of these are happening and real to you, by faith. When you faith picture, make it big! Why not? Remember Power Pray No. 3.

This Power Pray should always be used in tandem with the Word of God, Power Pray No. 6. Without the Word of God it is useless. Remember, even Jesus used the Word of God to drive away Satan (Matthew 4:3-11). Don’t forget that Satan himself also quotes the Word of God. So be armed also with the appropriate Word of God.

8. Pray Corporate! Pray Intercessory! Pray Others!

This Power Pray takes its essence from the principle of acoustics, especially echo. When you shout for example over a deep valley, the words that you shout come or ricochet back to you. The beauty of it, is that the echo comes back not only once but several times. Similarly, if you pray for others, what you pray for them echoes back to you. Unlike the former, however, the echo does not come back to you directly. What happens is that when the one you pray for receives God’s blessings, that person will give thanks to the Lord profusely, and these will be deflected to you by God in the forms of blessings. Pray for others first. Don’t worry about what you need from the Lord, “Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him” (Matthew 6:8). The echo of blessings are beyond your expectations if you “Pray Intercessory” for the anointed people, such as the Elders and Pastors of the Community, the priests and bishops of the Church.

Join the intercessory ministry of your church or community. It is more effective if you Pray Corporate, that is prayimg with a group of intercessors. In our Community, our Intercessory Ministry has a weekly schedule of praying for others. The Ministry receives prayer requests from many people, members and non-members, Christians and non-Christians. By the way, it is said that when you pray for the non-believers your reward from heaven is great.

Sis. Espie Doroja, a lawyer member of our community, could not understand why in spite of her faithful service to the Lord, her prayers for her son were not answered. She has been faithfully daring the Lord with her full tithes and generous financial support to the projects of the Community (Power Pray No. 12), yet her son continued to go his own worldly ways. When she heard Sis. Techie’s talk on the value of praying intercessory, she joined the Intercessory Ministry. Voila! Her prayers for her son have been instantly granted and more blessings, besides.

Sis. Beth Villanueva, a devoted member of the Intercessory Ministry of our Community, is a faithful intercessor of our Elders. Blessings profusely abound to her and members of her family. Her son, Enrico, is a power play maker and one of the star players in the Philippine Basketball Association (PBA), the equivalent of NBA of USA. Her other children are successfully and comfortably residing in the United States. She and her husband travel at least once a year to the USA. What a blessing. While praying for others, she would always ask others to “pray to win” for the Red Bull team where Enrico plays.

9. Pray Intervention! Pray Praclete!

In basketball game there is a situation where the competing teams have one common prayer, especially when the two opposing teams are equal in strength man for man, in resources and track records. This is what they call, “breaks of the game.” Both teams would of course like to have the breaks of the game go in their favor. Even the fans are praying for the breaks of the game to go in favor of their favorite teams. This is true in all sports, like tennis, volleyball, golf, chess, boxing, etc. The breaks of the game, more often than not, are a big factor in winning the game.

Similarly, in our life when we continuously encounter problems, out of desperation we complain to God and cry, “Lord, give me a break, please!” We can convert this sigh of desperation into a strong Power Pray, that is, to “Pray Intervention”, “Pray Paraclete.” This is asking God for His direct intervention, for a miracle. We all know that whenever God intervenes, it is a miracle, no less. The Bible is replete with God’s intervention since the time of Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Joshua, Esther, Judith. How about the first miracle in the wedding at CANA? Paul in his several voyages, the apostles in the stormy sea of Galilee, the healing of the blinds, the raising of the dead and many more. Take note that God’s intervention is part and parcel of His covenant with us. Without God’s intervention we cannot do our part in and commitment to God’s covenant.

To “Pray Paraclete” is to pray to the Holy Spirit. Before Jesus went up to the Father He promised to send us an advocate, the Paraclete, more known as the Holy Spirit, who will always be with us in time of need. All we have to do is just pray to the Holy Spirit, the Paraclete, for divine intervention. The best way to “Pray Paraclete” is “pray in tongues”, a prayer device common to Charismatic or renewed Christians. This is praying a coded language that only you and the Holy Spirit understand. Not even Satan and his demons could decipher it. This is done by uttering indistinguishable syllables non-stop in rapid fire fashion. Praying in tongues confuses the devils and therefore, they are helpless against you. Remember that the devil can only succeed in attacking you if he knows what you pray, because he will know what specific antidote or virus to use against your prayer. To know more how to pray in tongues, it is best to attend the “Spirit Empowerment Seminar” conducted by the Lord’s Flock Charismatic Community.

There were many instances where our community members were saved from imminent danger by praying Paraclete. Some were saved from being robbed in the jeepney, bus, dark alleys, etc. I was lost one time on my way home from a prayer meeting in one of our chapters. For almost 30 minutes I was driving in circles and could not find my way. I asked the Holy Spirit for help and prayed in tongues. Before I could finish my prayer, I instantly saw a small bridge to my right that I had not seen in my merry go round earlier. I felt a strong prompt (from the Holy Spirit I’m sure) to go that way. As soon as I crossed it the place became familiar to me. Halleluiah, I’m on my way home. I sang praises to the Lord, all the way home.

God’s intervention comes in the form of small and big miracles. Remember the 1986 EDSA People Power? That was really big. It became a global phenomenon. How about this small bit of a miracle where a famous boxer who was fighting against a more mature, stronger and experienced boxer. He knew that pound for pound he would lose the fight. But he also knew that with God’s intervention he could win and wrest the crown. In the thick of exchanges of heavy blows, he called to God, “Lord, please let me just see his face and I’ll do the rest.” Instantly after that prayer, God showed a glimpse of his opponent’s face and without wasting a second he threw a wicked right to his opponent’s face. His opponent fell to the canvass like a timber. It should be noted that the young boxer did not ask God to knock out his opponent, but to let him get a glimpse of his face. This is quiet important, because oftentimes when we asked God for His intervention, we want Him to do all the work for us. When God intervenes, He expects us to do our part, otherwise we might miss the miracle. And then we will blame God for not answering our call. Miracle can only happen if we do our part of it; miracle is supposed to be a partnership venture between God and man.

10. Pray Tough! Pray Confrontative!

In basketball game there is a kind of move called play tough which means that the play is becoming too physical. Body contacts are unavoidable since this kind of play means direct confrontation between opposing teams. This kind of play is used both in offense and defense. In like manner, one effective way of Power Pray is to pray tough, to pray physical; confront the enemy head on, rebuke the devil.. What’s your enemy? Cancer? How tough? Malignant? Show no fear; don’t be intimidated by the enemy! Pray tougher, pray physical! Dig that spirit of cancer out of your mind and body; bind it and smash it down your feet, step on it and trample it then hurl it into the deep abyss where it belongs, with a stern admonition never to return. The Lord has given us the power to trample on serpents, demons, scorpions (Luke 10:19); use it mightily! How about the spirit of poverty, debt, financial disaster, marital break-up? Whatever bondage you are in, pray tough; this is one of the best of Power Pray. It will be more potent if you combine it with Power Pray No. 4 and Power Pray No. 6, which give you the authority of the Name of Jesus and the power of the Word, respectively. Wow! How could you lose?

There were several instances where members of our community prayed tough with the devil. A member who refused to admit that her US Visa has been denied refused to leave the counter in the embassy when the consul closed the window. Silently, but mightily she prayed tough, rebuked the spirit of rejection, bound it and commanded it to leave the counter using the Name of Jesus (Power Pray No. 4), claiming the Word of God (Power Pray No. 6) and praying in tongues (Power Pray No. 9), inaudibly. When the consul opened the window she was surprised to find her stubbornly staying put. After taking a hard look at her, she started to ask some questions and shaking her head told her to come back to get her Visa.

Another classic example is the confrontation between Sis. Mik Flores, the daughter of the Elders of our Community and Director of our US based International Directorate. She and her husband Al have a son who was praying every night to give him a baby sister. For three years, the couple’s efforts for a second child were of no avail. So one day she went to her doctor for consultation, but to her surprise the doctor found a 10-centimeter mass in her ovary. Mik, a faithful servant of the Lord, (she gave up her career and profitable job), did not lose heart, prayed tough exchanging punches and blows with the devil. In her quiet time (Power Pray No. 1) the Lord, spoke to her “. . . I will remove all sickness from your midst . . .” (Exodus 23:25-26). The full text is an assurance of her having a baby, but this excerpt is what she used to confront the devil. In her second consultation, the doctor asserted that an operation would be necessary and was reciting all possible negative effects which she countered with Power Pray No. 6. Following is the excerpt of her bout with the devil (through the doctor’s mouth), taken from the Book of Sis. Techie Rodriguez, “The New Power of the Word.”

First assault, it is malignant and may require complete hysterectomy.

Mik’s counterassault, “No, Lord I rebuke that, he’s wrong, you told me ‘All my sickness!’

Second assault, possibility of removal of one of the ovaries, probably infected resulting into inability to have another baby.

Mik’s counterpunch, “Ah, no Lord, you said, ‘All my sickness’

Third and final assault, miscarriage!

Mik’s counter, a stunning solid right straight to the devil’s mouth, “No way, God said He is going to ‘Take all my sickness away, [I] will not be barren nor miscarry, and He will give [me] full span of life!’ When God says all, He means all”

There’s power in the Word, there’s victory in praying tough. During the surgery, the tumor smoothly slid down on its own; no hysterectomy, no removal of ovary. Sis. Mik gave birth to a big baby boy, not a sister as prayed by her son but still a wonderful gift of God to the family. God knows best!

11. Pray Creative! Pray Innovative!

This Power Pray is a sort of attention getter, i.e. you try to get the attention of someone you want to talk to. The Bible, especially the New Testament, is full of people who succeeded to get the attention of the Lord, Jesus. They used their resourcefulness to create a situation that amazes and delights the Lord. In another way, some people make innovative moves or techniques
• Zacchaeus, who was not only able to see and talk to Jesus, but was privileged to have Jesus dine in his house (Luke 19:1-10). There was no way for Zacchaeus to see Jesus face to face, because of the thick crowed along the way since he was short. He was creative enough to ran ahead and climb a sycamore tree. Jesus was amazed, I’m sure He was also amused, that He told Zacchaeus to climb down and walk with Him on the way to dine in his house. Wouldn’t you like Jesus to walk with you too? Be creative! Watch where Jesus is passing by, run ahead and look for the sycamore tree of your life. You might say, yes, but Jesus knew beforehand that Zacchaeus would climb a sycamore tree to see Him pass by, and that it was no coincidence that there was a sycamore tree along the way. It was all prepared by the Lord even the dining in his house. Yeah, sure, everything has been planned by the Lord, even our own life. Couldn’t you realize the Jesus is planning to pass your way and that He has planted sycamore trees along the pathway of your life? Wake up, look for those sycamore trees; they’re the signposts of your life. Then you might ask again, “How?” Read the Bible, join prayer meetings, pray intercessory and many more. Be innovative! What? You can’t really find your sycamore tree? Maybe Jesus wants you to plant one, water it, nurture it; then wait for Jesus to pass by. Remember Pray Partnership? Miracles don’t just happen, it’s a partnership effort with God
• The woman hemorrhaging for twelve years, was successful in getting healed by Jesus (Mark 5:25-34). She spent all her wealth paying for medical expenses, the doctors especially, to stop her bleeding. She could not possibly ask Jesus in person to cure her because of the thick and unruly crowd following Him. But she was very innovative. She thought of just touching the cloak of Jesus. Even that would be enough to cure her, but like Zacchaeus, the Lord talked to her personally.
• How about the four men carrying on a mat their paralytic friend (Mark 2:1-12). They could not break through the huge crowd blocking the house where Jesus was healing the sick. They thought of a very innovative way to bring their friend close to Jesus; they went up the roof of the house, remove some tiles to make an opening, then lowered their friend and hammock right at the very nose of Jesus. As in Zacchaeus, Jesus was pleased and delighted at their resourcefulness and creativeness that He personally told them their faith has healed him. Question: What is the message here? Simple, your prayers might have not been answered maybe because there are barriers between you and Jesus. You have to find a way break through these barriers. Be resourceful. Be creative. Be innovative. If you cannot go right through the door, go up the roof and break in.
• Hannah, mother of Samuel (1 Samuel 1:1-28) --- This is a very subtle but effective form of creative and innovative Power Pray. In day-to day business deals there is what we call exchange deal, “ex-deal” for short. Hannah wanted very much to have a child, but she was barren. Every year, on her pilgrimage with her husband to the holy temple at Shiloh, she would bring sacrifice and offerings to the Lord in exchange for her prayer. After so many years, she might have realized that her ”ex-deal” was not acceptable, so she thought of an innovative one. She made an offer to God that if she would be given a son she would offer him to the Lord as soon as she had weaned him. The “ex-deal” pleased the Lord, she got pregnant and gave birth to a baby, whom she named Samuel, after nine months. True to her “ex-deal” she brought Samuel to the temple as soon as he was weaned and put him under the care and tutelage of Eli, the priest. We all know that Samuel grew up to be a great prophet of the Lord.

Now why would you ask a son and then give him away as soon as possible. Where’s the logic behind this? Continue reading.

A lady member of our community wanted so much a car but she knew that it was impossible with her income that she was getting. One day she saw her dream car displayed in the grocery as the grand prize for a raffle promo. She bought a few raffle tickets and claimed she would get the car, which she did. How? She prayed impossible, prayed the Word and prayed faith picture. But she knew that she needed another element for her be sure of the grand prize. So she prayed innovative, prayed creative! She did the Jericho March. For seven consecutive days she went to the grocery, marched around the podium where the car was mounted, at the same time praying and claiming and possessing the Word of God, the biblical promises of the Lord. After completing the seven-day Jericho march she did not go to the grocery anymore; she was so confident and believed she had the car already (Mark 11:24, remember?) One day, not long after her Jericho march, she got a call from the department store informing her that she won the grand prize in the raffle, the car of her dream. Can you beat that? Want to know more about Power Pray Innovative, Creative? Read the article about “Power Pray: Behind the Scenes”

12. Pray Guts!

This is a situation where you have nothing except pure guts; a “nothing to lose, everything to gain” situation (you have lost everything anyway). So you compose yourself, take a deep breath of the remaining oxygen in your lungs and Pray Guts! How? There are three basic steps to remember:

First, Dare the Lord! Take the challenge. In Malachi 3:7-10, the Lord challenges us to try Him and He shall open the floodgates of heaven and pour down blessings beyond our imagination. The dare however is to give back the full tithes due Him. It takes a lot of guts to give even 10% of what we have especially when we what is left is just enough for your meal. Funny, even those who have are reluctant to give a full tithe. The money is not the issue here, anyway, but the challenge. Maybe the Lord is calling you to do some work for Him, to spend more time with Him, to give up some of the things you are attached to. Think again, He said “Try me.” He is challenging us to try Him, to dare Him.

Second, Let Go! Pass the ball to the Lord. He said “The battle is mine not yours” (I Chronicles ). In basketball game when a player is covered and no way to shoot the ball, the right thing to do is pass it to someone who can take the ball to the hoop. This is also true, when you are fully covered by troubles, let go and pass the ball to the Lord.

Third, Trust Him! Once you have pass the ball to the Lord, let Him do what He wants to do with it, don’t try to tell Him what to do or ask Him to pass the ball back to you. Leave Him do as He will, for all you know He may even pass back the ball to you and you will have the joy of dunking the ball to the ring. Remember, the multiplication of the bread where they entrusted the bread and fish to the Lord? After, receiving them and praying to the Father, Jesus gave them back to the people and everybody enjoyed the meal with still 12 baskets to spare!

In our community, the Lord’s Flock, there were many instances, where our members dared the Lord, let go and trusted Him. Bro. Froilan Hong for example, who was afflicted with prostate cancer, shared in the community that when he was losing the battle and felt that he was in the departure area of the airport of life, he dared the Lord, let go and prayed guts, “Father, thy will be done” and entrusted everything to Him. He is still alive and kicking and serving the Lord with lots and lots of guts. By the way, Bro. Froi, as we call him, is an ardent practitioner of Malachi 3:10, giving the full tithe, and more besides, to the community and ever since he dared to try the Lord, He never lacks in his needs, health and business. A full description of Bro. Froi’s gutsy experience is contained in another article, Power Pray: The Commercial.

Actually, there are more than 12 ways to Power Pray. But these are the basic or generic ways from which you can make many more. How many? As many as the stars during a clear and peaceful night, or as few as the stars on a stormy night. Come to think of it, we can’t see the stars in the heat of the day! Similarly, we seem not to grope a prayer in the thick of our struggle in life! Got the message?

So do you want to see the stars in the blinding heat of the day as well as in the midst of a stormy night? Keep these 12 basic ways to Power Pray handy with you and enjoy your life with the Lord!

Following are excerpts from two prayers composed out of the Word of God and the prayers of the biblical people:

"For Healing and Good Health"

“Lord, Jesus, you are the great physician. All healings come from you. Thank you for your healing power. Your Word says that healing is your children’s bread. Lord, you are the Lord that heals me, and by your stripes I am healed. It was you, Lord, who said that whatever I desire, when I pray to believe, I have it already. I believe Lord that you took my infirmities and carried my sickness. Therefore, I received your healing now, Lord, in my area of affliction, [cancer, hypertension, ulcer, tuberculosis,, leukemia, glaucoma, diabetes, etc.]. Lord it was you who said what is impossible to man. I believe you are restoring me to health and vitality.

Your scriptures declare that, it is your will for your people to walk in health. You want me to do what is right in your sight, and because I diligently hearken to your Word, you have promised you will deliver me from all these diseases. I thank you Lord for the promise.

You are the Word of life. You have redeemed my life from destruction, and you crown me with your loving kindness and mercies.

Bless the lord, o my soul, and forget not all his benefits.”

"My God, My Provider: Yahweh Yireh"

My God, my Provider; it was You who promised to fully supply whatever we need in accord with Your glorious riches in Christ, Jesus.

Father, Yahweh Yireh, You know what things I need even before I ask You. I come to You today fully aware that you know I have so many petitions to make before You. It’s my heart’s desire to seek You and Your righteousness. And as I do so, I know You will meet all my need in my life and in my family. You will never forsake the righteous, and none of Your children shall have to beg for bread. You are the bread of life, and everyone who hungers and thirsts after You shall be filled. Freely I have received so much from Your hands. Therefore, I want to give to others as well. Help me to be generous with all You have given to me, Lord.

Thank You , Lord, for being my Yahweh Yireh, the one who supplies every need of my life. You can do anything without fail!

To our God and Father, glory forever and ever!

If you need some more convincing about these 12 ways to Power Pray, or if you are interested in possible answers to some questions posted in this article you can read the article, “Power Pray: The Commercials”.

To God be the highest glory!

Published: 2006-06-13
Author: Apolo Jucaban

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Filipino, male, married,2 children, two grandsons.Education: A.B. English,in Literature; B.S. Geology; Master in Environmental Planning all taken from the University of the Phillipines post-graduate in Groundwater Development, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, Israel.
Profession: More than 15 years in the government as project manager/director; about 25 years in as consultant,local & foreign assignments. Have various unpublished & published papers, technical reports, seminar papers.

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