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Unblock Your Heart's Desires

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In life, everyone has a heart’s desire, a unique potential of his or her very own but tapping into that potential can be difficult, bringing on fears that stops us in our tracks.

Fear and your heart’s desire

We all have a heart’s desire that we want to bring forth to the world and a desire to go for what matters the most to us. But, there is something that stops us from reaching our full potential of obtaining our heart’s desire: Fear.

Why are we fearful?

When tapping into what our desires of the heart are our inner conflicts start to show up. You start hearing talk in your head such as, ‘I am not good enough, I am the victim of circumstances, and I don’t know if I really can do this, suppose I can’t.’ Our desires are usually lodged deep within the recesses of our mind clouded out by our fears. The bigger your heart’s desires are the bigger your fears will be.

Unblocking the fear

The desire of the heart that leads you to success is a scary feeling. When tapping into it you are forced to come face to face with the very thing that your subconscious is telling you, you are just not good enough to do. Fear is a normal feeling; it is there as a reminder you have yet to conquer something. When you step out of your comfort zone and pursue your vision, you start to unblock your fear. Facing off with your fear whether the outcome is what you expected or not gives you the feeling of being alive. When you feel alive, you gain the energy and momentum to move forward in turning your desire into a reality. Anything that we have not yet conquered will become a blockage for moving forward with our dreams and heart’s desire.

Conquering the fear

In order to conquer the fear that keeps you from our heart’s desires, you must first be ready and willing to take action. Tell yourself you have had enough and am ready to take control of your life. Then you must act harmony with your new positive self-talk. Learn to dismiss the negative voices in your head as quickly as they re-surface. Train yourself to focus on the positive conversations in your head, practice daily seeing the positive. Sometimes we tend to focus all of our attention on the things that are not working, this action clouds out any attempts for anything work out, because we have once again allow fear to stop us from trying. Give yourself permission to interrupt your thoughts in order to ask yourself ‘how is this type of thinking helping me to get closer to reaching my goal?’ If it is not, discard it and a piece of your fear will disappear with it each time. As with any bad habit, breaking the habit of allowing your fear to stop you from pursuing and reaching your hearts desire will take time and a lot of effort on your part. However, YOU can be do it.
Published: 2006-07-23
Author: barbara burgess

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