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Understanding supidity


Being spaced-out, or in layman's term "stupid" is one of the most common mental disorder that medical practitioners are fast being aware of. Persons with spaced-out syndrome cannot distinguish right from wrong; and live in their own fantasy world which they are (they imagine) the King, the hero, or the all-time matinee idol. Their limited brain function imagines that they are better good-looking, more stylish, or more intelligent than others. The truth is, however, is the opposite, they are society's outcasts who suffer every waking moment of their lives. A stupid man does not really know who he is, or what his place in this world is. Spaced-out people try hard to imitate successful people. They grow angry and frustrated when they know they cannot.

Thus, a stupid man's resentment grows against a person who is successful in life. The real reason behind the anger: A successful person always reminds the patient of his weaknesses, his longings and desires which he could never ever get. Who are these people? They are the under-achievers, the school drop-outs, or the habitual law-offenders around us. Most often, spaced-out people are 'followers' since it is impossible for them to lead a group or other people at their level because of their inferiority (probably in all aspects as a person). The personality of these people is made up of only two things: envy and anger. They are simply and without valid reason angry at everybody for the simple reason that deep inside they know that they could never be like the person which they are angry at... In short, they are dying of envy of that person... His achievements, set of friends, his car perhaps? His power and position at work...because the stupid person (deep inside him knows) that he can never attain an achiever's status in his lifetime.

Whatever a spaced-out person says or does, he knows that he does not amount to anything. Thus, his anger and envy against achievers, leaders, and society as a whole. Stupidity can affect anybody, in all levels of society. Spaced-out persons (given their low I.Q. and E.Q.) idolize low-life criminals (because they could identify with them and not with persons that the world admires). They idolize rock stars and bands who sings the misery of life (because a stupid man's life is, of course, miserable). They also use complicated words (when simple ones can suffice. Why? Because they think that by using big words, people would think that they are intelligent). Likewise, a person afflicted with spaced-out syndrome hates to be advised by a person who is more intelligent than him or her, because the patient feels insulted. Believe it or not, a stupid man would rather take advice from another stupid person, like himself rather than from one who is intelligent!

I do not mean to sound harsh or misleading. People, even if they are stupid, still needs to be respected, cared for, and understood. Unknown to many, mental disease worsens as the person grows older.
Published: 2009-10-12
Author: Vermier V. Varela

About the author or the publisher
I had glimpsed your advertisement on the internet about the job - home-based writer. When I re-read it, I felt tremendously glad, for it was the kind of job that I so long been looking for.
My name is Vermier Kietel V. Varela and I am currently living at # 68 Narra St., Neopolitan, Sitio Seville, North Fairview, Q.C. I was born at Valenzuela City on the 27th of March, 1991. I’m taking up my college at Far Eastern University, studying business Course, majoring in financial management. My Father is working at Makati City as a PR writer, while my Mother is a faithful and understanding house-wife. I had two work experiences; the first was at the Smartconcept Company, and I worked there as a sales agent at the time span of three months. And the second was as a telemarketer at Ortigas, Pasig City.
I believe that I have said everything that’s important about my personal, educational and employment background. Hence, I guess that the time came for me now to divert and focus this writing about my personality and about my traits. I love to read books, especially vampire and murder novels. It’s funny that I read so much that I have forgotten the outside world, for whenever I don’t have any classes or I got some free time, I just stayed inside my room and spent the whole day reading and reading without going out beyond the ramparts of my room. Well, that’s what you get when you did something excessively, but, I play drums. And the good thing about that is that I’m having fun expressing my music and at the same time, it also gives me a great deal when it comes to exercise. So, even if I burned-up all my time reading and without any body work-outs, still, the activity of playing drums gives me a little boost. Now, music, I love to listen on the radio instead of watching television. But I don’t just listen to any kind of song, but only to New waves and to the “oldies” like; Frank Senatra, Carpenters, Johnny Mathis, and so on… I listen to this kind of music because they made much sense than today’s.
Someday I want to become a successful businessman, and run my own company. But of course, we all know that we should work hard and patiently and we should strive for perfection- even there’s no such thing as perfect- to achieve our goals and make our dreams come true. And we should not forget about God, even how smart we are or how hard-working we are… without God we are nothing. This is just what I believe in, and whatever your beliefs is, I respect that. But I am hoping that you also respect mine.
I suppose that I had stated it all, therefore I will end this biography by saying with confidence and assurance that I have all the requirements which your company is asking for. And even if I won’t land on this job that I was applying for, still I am grateful that you read my work.

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