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Unity of Man celebrateits silver jubilee

manav ekta, kirpal sagar

Unity of Man celebrate it’s Silver Jubilee

Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth
14-Preet Avenue, Majitha Road
PO Naushera, Amritsar-143 008

A 10 days long celebration concluded with the revelation of Kirpal Sagar to the world at Kirpal Sagar near Rahon district Nawanshahar. The entire Kirpal Sagar complex was tastefully decorated with multicolored lights. Thousands of delegates from different religions and also from aboard throng Kirpal Sagar participated in the conference held with the following aims:
• To strengthen the unity of mankind on the common ground of service to fellowmen and faith in the divine power.
• To further religious tolerance and inter-faith communication by pointing out the common essence of all religions.
• To explain what man is: a conscious entity, endowed with discrimination power and able to take responsibility for his actions, and with the innate possibility of Self- and God realization.
• To regenerate and revive the ethical teachings common in the religious traditions so that they may become a collective guideline for the welfare of individuals and humankind as a whole.
World conference on Unity of Man started with a traditional prayer at one corner of the Kirpal sarovar and a symbolic flame was lit by HH Sardarni Surinder Kaur, President of UOM. She explained the significance of the conference and also uncovered a plate where milestones of the history of Kirpal Sagar were noted. The assembly also remembered Dr Harbhajan Singh, the founder Chairman of Kirpal Sagar who brought it up as per wishes of Sant Kirpal Singh.
S Ranjit Singh Brahmpura Cabinet Minister of Punjab inaugurated the free medical camp which ill continue through out the month of December and the new operation and intensive care tract of the hospital. He also flagged the first ambulance car which will take up duty frequently on Amritsar-Delhi highway. Assisted by Smt Surinder Kaur, he also planted two trees in the hospital complex. Indian doctors were supported by physicians from Germany, Austria and other countries. In the beginning eye surgeons performed eye operations. Medicines including special spectacles were provided free of cost to the needy and poor. A cultural extravaganza was performed by the students of Kirpal Sagar Academy.
Interschool Shabad competition was organized on December 2 in which 17 teams from the surrounding areas participated. The songs verses were taken from the Holy Scriptures and sung in a beautiful way expressing the love and devotion to God. It was a pleasure to see how emphatically the children were engaged. The contest was won by a girl group of Ludhiana. S. Sarwan Singh Chief Parliamentary Secretary welcomes the audience on the behalf of Punjab Government. He expressed his esteem for Kirpal Sagar where all religions are respected. The competition concluded with a short speech by Dr Karamjit Singh Chairman of the organization. In the evening audience was enlightened by devotional songs from two well known groups, namely, Banwari Lal from Amritsar and well known Bakshi Qwaal. Banwari Lal group sung Bhajan-hymns according to Hindu tradition while Bakshi group played and sung quawalli with intensity and great passion which continued till long after midnight.

XII Dr Harbhajan Singh memorial Inter School Volleyball was organized on December3 in which 18 teams from North India participated. Director of Sports, Government of Punjab Padam Sri Pargat Singh, declared the tournament open. Students of the Kirpal Sagar Academy display a colorful orchestra show. Every one was impressed by the horse show by the students of Kirpal Sagar Academy with their skills at a breath taking speed. In the evening a colourful dance show by youngg girls of the academy dressed in white glittering saris each holding two candle lights in their palms gave a wonderful performance of Indian dance. Thereafter teachers of the academy sang impressing religious songs followed by another group of musicians Mohammad Sherif Qwaal of Malerkotla who fascinated the audience with their Quaawalli singing up to mid night.
Different matches of the tournaments continued on December 4, 2007. However in the night a religious drama under Light and sound Show was performed. The programme started by the lightening of the traditional lamp by Smt Surinder Kaur. It was a drama of nearly three hours. The story played in the times guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Gobind Singh and the mughal king Auranzeb. Nearby, religious drama has a long tradition in different religion in India. The foreign quests then got a detailed description of the story in English and German so that they might be able to follow the story a little bit at least. Then play started in Punjabi language. The theatre group used five different stages. The assembly was fascinated, saw a lot of surprising effects and give a long applause at the end.
In India the marriage ceremony is important but also very expensive. Consequently, under certain circumstance, unity of man helps disadvantaged families by arranging the wedding of 28 bridal couples from different villages and towns within a radius of 200 km around Kirpal Sagar. The marriage ceremonies were celebrated according to the religions belief to the couple. A famous singer from Pakistan, Baba Gulam Mohammad Chand, contributed with his musicians to the celebrations. The newly married couples were provide with all which is needed for a new household as a fully equipped bedroom, furniture for a living-room, kitchen utensils as well as clothes and watch, everything sponsored by Unity of Man. Decorated taxis and trucks loaded with the furniture formed a long caravan when the wedding- parties happily left Kirpal Sagar.
One day conference on Manav Ekta complements the world conference on December 7 in the auditorium of Guru Nanak Bhawan at Amritsar. Following a brief introduction by Dr Jaswinder Singh Dhillon, Principal Khalsa College of Education, representative of different religions emphasized the common core of the respective beliefs. Dr Gursharanjit Singh of Department of Guru Nanak Studies, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar, Dr Fulbeng from Austria, Dr Saroop Nand, Mr. J.K. John, and Mr. Suraj Parkash were the main speakers at the Ekta Divas. HH Surinder Kaur welcomed all participants heartily.
On December 8, an impressing and cheerful procession from Nag Kalan nearby Amritsar to Kirpal Sagar was undertaken. Dr Harbhajan Singh along with his family used to live and practice before moving to Kirpal Sagar. In 1973 Sant Kirpal Singh laid the foundation stone of K.H. Memorial Hospital saying that the foundation of future Manav Kendra (man making center means’s Kirpal Sagar) was laid. The movement of Unity of Man started from village Nag Kalan. Before the start of the procession, several speakers shared their rememberence of Dr Harbhajan Singh’s work. The procession converted into an impressive parade shortly before reaching Kirpal Sagar. People from all participating nations, colours and creeds marched together and made every one feel the spirit of unity. Students of Kirpal Sagar Academy performed a delightful welcome song and HH Surinder Kaur gave a welcome spec at Kirpal Sagar. A colorful musician night performed by a group Ras Leela from Mathura shows scenes of life of Lord Krishna playing with Gopis (cow herding girls). Marvellous dances especially of peacock were to be seen.
Two days World Conference started on December 9 where delegates from all the five continents shared their views on the major problems of mankind and the approach to meet the challenge resulting therefrom - man has to start from his own self whether in the field of religion, charity or environment. The conference panel consists of various high profile representatives of all the fields. Dr Martin Almada (Paraguay) Alternative Nobel Prize Winner expressed the necessity of a spiritual change in mankind for the purpose of changing the inhuman circumstances of life in lot of societies. Prof. Dr Peter Schmuck of Germany requested the religious delegates to engage more in sustainable development. Dr Ann Elisabeth Auhagen showed with a practical example, how one can change one’s attitude towards an enemy if you regard him as man. Mrs. Vivi Akakpo of African continent reflecting the sad history of civil wars pointed that peace will only come if we are able to give and forget. In the evening famous Punjabi Sufi singer Han Raj Han filled the audience with enthusiasm for more than three hours with his skill.
Mrs Mahat Farah El-Khoury delivered a precise and detailed description of how Christians, Muslims and Jews peacefully live together in Damascus. Reverend Marcus Braybrooke pointed out that the sense of oneness means that we recognize God’s present in others. Mr Vivek Cotinho of Focolare Movement pointed that it is not enough to relieve in God, one must teat each other as brothers and sisters. Dr Judith Komaromi of Australia stressed that scientific community needs to be based more on ethical values. Besides Hindustic Swamis, Christians monks and nuns, Islamic Maulanas and representatives of humanitarian organizations gave their speeches. The conference concluded with the inauguration of the Symbols and warm thanks by HH Surinder Kaur President of Unity of Man. A beautiful firework enlightened the sky over Kirpal Sagar.

Published: 2008-01-01
Author: Dr Gursharan Singh Kainth

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