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Unusual Phenomena - Energy Fields

phenomena, event, occurrence, formation, energy, field, radiation, flow, weather front, aura, accidents.

There are unusual phenomena all around us, around our lives and our homes. One can experience them every day or at least very frequently. Things may occur or happen and have no sensible explanations. Of course, some of them are beneficial but some are quite harmful and have absolutely no cure or remedy within the domain of our scientific knowledge.

Let us suppose that there are special formations or fields of energy what may be either beneficial or harmful to the living creatures or the environment, or can beneficially or adversely affect the events within a space or sphere. The supposition is not new, the principles of Chinese feng shui discipline also have a lot to do with it.

Characteristics of the energy flow have an influence on all events and occurrences, and the energy flow may be, either favourably or unfavourably, affected by energy formations and fields. Western science also knows it well that there are different energy fields everywhere, e.g. there are various forms of magnetic and electromagnetic fields, generated by physical formations and movements, by chemical and nuclear processes, by atmospherical changes and many other things. Artificial radiations, such as radio, television, telephone broadcastings, etc. are just a drop in the ocean. These different energy fields and radiations interact - they can amplify or extinguish or modify each other, and of course, can exert diverse effect on living creatures, too. Many people are sensitive to weather fronts, for instance, what means to get a headache, a low or irritable mood, concentration problems or other symptoms, even menstrual disorders of ladies, due to a special energy field or formation. Still there is no real scientific explanation for this sensitivity, and there is no scientifical method to prevent or cure the sensitiveness to weather fronts.

But it does not mean, thank God, that we are helpless without scientific explanations or remedies. Now I evoke my most interesting case of an adverse energy flow I ever experienced.

One day my aikido master complained about an unusual series of accidents having occured in his home. The accidents equally affected his wife, his children and himself as well as the equipments in the house which tended to go wrong or get damaged much more often than normally. As I am one of those spiritual persons who use reiki and study many esoteric disciplines, I had him sit down at a tranquil place and sensed around his aura by my hands. My eyes were closed as always on such occasions, I tried to see inside. After a while two quite definite pictures occurred to my inner sight.

’A flight of steps, turning to the wrong direction’, I said when I finished feeling his aura. ’Is there anything like that in your home?’
I have never been to his house, not even in the neighbourhood. He lives in a distant part of the city where I never go.

’Yes’, he answered. ’the flight of steps leading upstairs turns to the opposite direction at one point, it is strange but the house was built this way and I cannot help.’

’Of course’, I said, ’but the problem is not with the stairs themselves. The stairs have always been like that and the accidents have only recently occured, right? What is the difference by the stairs?’

He told me that there had been pictures on both walls near the stairs which had been taken off because of painting and had not been put back afterwards. I advised him to put the pictures back, and also to put a few plants around the stairs, especially at the point where the steps turn in the wrong direction. All such objects can influence the flow of energy and can counteract an adverse one.

’Ok’, he said. ’And I am going to put there the round carpet you gave me for my birthday. Is it a good idea?’

In fact, it was better than anything. I did not think of that. The vivid but harmonic pattern of the carpet could also improve a lot on the situation.

’And there was something else. Tubes’, I said to him. ’Big tubes. Where are they?’

’There is a ventilation pipe leading out of the house through a side wall’, he guessed. But he described its dimensions and I knew it was not that. In addition, the ventilation pipe was a flexible one.

’No, I said. ’These are long and rigid ducts, and really enormous ones, about one metre in diameter.’

He suddenly remembered to have seen such ducts in the street behind his house. They were sewer ducts being shipped there for replacement. Those ducts also had a detrimental influence to the energy flow in my master’s house.

My master made all the necessary changes after our conversation. And the sewer ducts were replaced within a short while.

It happened about two years ago. Since that no accident has occurred in his home.
Published: 2008-04-22
Author: Emilia Kliment

About the author or the publisher
I have various qualifications and experiences. I spent many years with horse riding and horse training as well as studying animal behaviour, and also many years with practising and teaching herbalism and other alternative therapies. I have written tons of articles for about 30 years (animals; health; martial arts; etc.) and six books. I also translated and edited plenty of books. I practise and teach aikido, and I am interested in spiritual and esoteric disciplines, too.

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