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Unusual Phenomena - Mental Entities

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Mental entities are, in spiritual sense, the same things which are popularly known as good or evil spirits. Maybe the term sounds just as weird and scienceless - after all, we are educated 21st century people who know that spirits do not exist, even though they are called entities.

But unfortunately we have not, for the time being, found a proper explanation and therefore a proper denomination for the things now I want to write about.

The term ’entity’ in spiritual disciplines indicates special energy formations. They are said to belong to dimensions other than ours, and sometimes happen to appear in our world just by chance, having randomly found a dimension gate and slipped through. The difference what separates them from other energy formations is that they seem to have purposes or intentions. That is why they are named 'mental' entities. Some of them are considered more or less harmless or at least not deliberately harmful. Those ones tend to settle in normal energy fields or in the aura of living creatures, and feed on it like parasites. Others do the same but with the intention to hinder or ruin things, e. g. one’s health or fortune.

Of course there is no evidence for their having intentions, nor for dimension gates or any creature being able to pass through dimensions. Neither there is any evidence for anybody’s health or fortune having become impaired by the influence of such things. So all this explanation can be merely subjective.

But indeed, such phenomena may be sensed or perceived in meditation or by other spiritual ways of examining our environment or a person’s aura to detect a source of troubles. And if they can be detected and eventually eliminated, improving the conditions for a better health or fortune, does it matter how we name those things? Let me refer to one of veterinary surgeon David Taylor’s books where he writes about the treatment of a facon with an infection of the aspergillus mould. The doctor said to the Arabian falconer Ali who thought that the illness was caused by an eagle’s shadow having fallen on the falcon: ’Ali, Kashmuk is not sick because of the eagle’s shadow. It is a germ, a microbe.’ And Ali answered: ’So you say, … what you call a germ, Doctor, we know to be the shadow.’

This means that it is just a question of words. We may call things differently, and several denominations may refer to the same thing.

For those who can see the aura and the anomalies of an energy field, entities may appear in various forms. They can be round or longish, sometimes look like layers or a bundle of threads, or take the shape of a crescent, a sphere, a beam or anything but nearly always uneven forms, regular ones are rare. An entity never appears in other colour than a tone of grey, including black. Darker tones are usually accompanied by higher consistencies: a light grey one looks like jelly or a fleecy cloud, the darker ones seem to be denser, and the black ones are solid like rubber or tar, and sometimes have an unpleasant greasy look. Those which appear black and solid are the most dangerous ones, and the bigger are the more harmful. In the majority of cases the black and solid ones are the most difficult to eliminate, too. Evil spirits may appear (mostly in dreams, however) like persons though those ’persons’ are always somewhat deformed and unnatural. But once I came across entities which appeared in the shape of children.

One day a friend of mine told me about a young man who was entirely unable to sleep. No sooner had he fallen asleep he heard voices what woke him up and kept him awake. The voices were frightening though he did not understand what was said to him. As the young man did not want to consult this problem with a doctor, my friend recommended him to see me.

I had him sit down at a dark and tranquil place and asked him to close his eyes and relax. I told him I was going to invoke the disturbing voices but he had no reason to worry because I would handle the situation. Then I also closed my eyes, placed my hands over his head, and began a meditation.

When I was ready I concentrated on the voices and their possible beings. I invited them to manifest and to show themselves to me. They seemed to have willingly done it. I saw three children, about the age of six by their sizes. One of them clearly appeared as a little boy with a curly brown hair and a smiling round face. The others were in dark and did not get closer. They had no discernible features and did not communicate. I asked the active one who they were and why they kept disturbing the young man.

When I finished my meditation I said to the young man: ’Chris, the voice that disturbs you belongs to a child who only wants to get in touch with you. Is it possible that you have brothers or sisters you don’t know about? Or one who died at a young age, before your birth?’
’I don’t know’, he uncertainly answered.

’Ok’, I said, ’next time when the voice wakes you up ask who it is, and tell it to take shape. Talk with the child who wants to get in touch with you. If you do that, it will be over.’

I asked him to tell my friend how the child appeared to him. When we met each other next time I asked my friend how the young man had described the child.

’He saw a boy of age six, with a curly brown hair and a nice smiling face’, my friend said.

And the nightmares were over.
Published: 2008-04-24
Author: Emilia Kliment

About the author or the publisher
I have various qualifications and experiences. I spent many years with horse riding and horse training as well as studying animal behaviour, and also many years with practising and teaching herbalism and other alternative therapies. I have written tons of articles for about 30 years (animals; health; martial arts; etc.) and six books. I also translated and edited plenty of books. I practise and teach aikido, and I am interested in spiritual and esoteric disciplines, too.

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