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Effects of urbanisation in India

First there was a green revolution due to agriculture and then came the industrial revolution which changed the face of the developing world like never seen before.The advent of industrial revolution led to large scale displacement of human labour in agriculture to the cities where these industries were located- the phenomenon of migration from the rural areas to the urban areas.

Thus more and more people started moving from the rural households to the cities in search of employment.Factories employed a large number of these workers and paid them daily wages.And as more and more people started coming from the rural areas to the urban areas this slowly started creating a chaos and there was a huge population divide where the ratio of the urban population today is higher and continues to rise as compared to the rural ones.

Also the reforms in 1991 in India paved a way for the industrialized society and opened the doors for other countries for conducting trade and commerce and gave way to Liberisation and globalization where there are no barriers or boundaries among countries which flourished trade and commerce.No doubt this has definitely helped the economy grow by leaps and bounds and today we can boast of a strong and emerging economy ready to take on the world.

Today our country has reached such a stage and turned into a milking cash cow.Many business deals which were unthinkable before are taking place and the FII”S are interested in investing in our growing and robust economy.India is in the limelight everywhere and poised to achieve a GDP growth of 9% which was not possible before thanks to the booming IT,ITEs industry and the financial sector and some strong reforms.

At the same time it cannot rest of it’s past glory as a lot more has to be achieved as far as infrastructure is concerned,power sector reforms need to be strengthened,bureaucracy and red tapism needs to be curbed,there is a need of strong law enforcement in the country.

On the flip side due to the increase in the urban population,induced by a lot of factors including migration,the natural habitat is been destroyed and we can see such instances everyday-on one side the natural resources are getting depleting and the ecosystem is been disturbed,there is an imbalance been created at the expense of the poor wild animals.We have encroached upon their space because of the necessity to increase our living urban space and they have naturally no choice left and have started wandering in the cities leaving the forests which are their natural surroundings in search of food and other species.The situation is so worse that the wild animals who once used to hunt for wolves and deers have started feeding themselves with rabbits and dogs.This is because we have left no option for them to survive.

Statistics indicate that around 3,76,000 people are born everyday on this earth and the human population is expected to increase to 9 billiob by 2042 mostly living in urban areas,Also some 299 yrs ago,the average person on earth might have met 200-300 people in an entire lifetime but today a resident of New York city can live and work amongst 2,20,000 people within a 10 min radius of his home or office in Manhattan.

It’s time we start thinking about how the consumption of natural resources is causing harm to the environment.Huge amounts of electricity guzzled by the industrial houses along with the pollution that is affecting the rivers is spoiling our environment.Not only that the number of vehicles encroaching upon the urban roads has lead to utter chaos not only in traffic management but posing serious health hazards because of the unchecked levels of harmful gases emitted by these vehicles.Large amounts of water is wasted as the world is going to face a severe shortage of water in the coming years.The atmosphere is highly polluted and the air that we breathe is full of poisonous gases and unhealthy making us suffocate and wanting to have some fresh whiff of air away from the urban crowds.

Urbanisation has lead to the growth of nuclear families and the concept of joint-family system is slowly fading away except in the case where there are family owned businesses.Not only that it has given rise to the dual income concept wherein the married couple both work hard and strive to make a living if they want to enjoy a comfortable life.With the advent of this more and more women are stepping out of the house and engaging themselves in the different pursuits which can generate an extra income in the families.More the purchasing power,there is increasing consumerism and the result is that the local grocery or our kiraana wala(lneighbourhood grocery store) is losing its charm as people flock more to the shopping malls and retailing has come in a big way.

Better late than never! It’s time we sit back and ponder and do something to make this place a better and a safer place to live in without causing undue harm to the environment by preserving it for the future.
Published: 2007-03-27
Author: shobha

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