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Use videos to top the chart : 5 sure shot strategies

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The latest buzzword in internet marketing is the use of video technique to pull visitors in and ultimately converting them to confirmed buyers or clients. Videos can pull people to your site in bunches. In this information age, everyday new horizons are being discovered in the internet marketing arena, among them use of video is a fabulous and sure shot method to get loads of links and customers. Videos help you to get more organic links in the first page of the results in a search engine. It is a very effective method to pull in visitors and get higher rates of conversion.

For example, your team has hosted 200 videos at YouTube catching 3000 daily views, 600 of them goes to the target site via the links posted in your videos, which means you have got a 20% click through rate which is a nice figure. Even a conversion rate of 10% at this stage means 60 confirmed buyers from that website. So, just imagine the power of videos in internet marketing.

Here we present five super strategies to improve search visibility using video:

Strategy no.1

Your videos should be relevant & useful. Always knit them with HTML.
The first step is to determine the most effective keywords. If one puts up a video after carefully researching keywords and embeds it into a keyword optimized page, then he has a very high chance of getting shown up in a search result.
The videos should be cleverly and clearly relevant to the content present in the target website. They should resemble the catch line in an advertising campaign.

Strategy no.2

Professionalism and precision is the key to success in video marketing
Each of your video should work towards building a long term stable business relationship with the visitors. That involves trust generation. Your videos must be messengers of trust to grab the attention of visitors. The visitors should get the impression that the video has got something for him. In the business world everyone looks for profit. Your video must be self explanatory to convince the visitor that he will not leave empty handed after investing more time in it. Since the market is flooded with all types of materials, so your video must present itself in a unique and professional manner. Once a visitor is turned off by poor quality of your video then it will be pretty tough for you to get his confidence back in your scheme of things. So always try to be accurate with the information in the video, the language should be clear and loud.
A three minute is ideal to hold the attention of a visitor and force him to go to the target site. Therefore, the video content must be concise, clear and strictly to the point, no dramas.

Use insight from YouTube
Insight is an analytics tool provided by YouTube to account holders to monitor the performances of their videos. You can use the tool to track which video attributes contribute to a high number of views and attention. Attention is a metric measured by Insight, and it can be high, medium, or low.


Insight has an inbuilt feature that enables users to monitor changes in the attention metric at different points. By using this feature, you can track drops in the audience's concentration and amend the video accordingly.

Strategy no.3

Keyword research is vital while creating videos
Extensive fieldwork should be conducted to draw out the keywords related to the design and content of the target website. Only then you should proceed with the video creation part.
Try to hit upon effective, descriptive and high density keywords.

Strategy no.4

Go in groups
Two is always better than one. This applies to video marketing too. Try to always go in groups. Shoot a good number of related pieces followed by proper keyword research and then post them in YouTube together. Related videos or results always attract visitors. So if you come up with several related videos then chances are many that a lot among them will show up in the related videos link. Moreover it is better to use several video pieces to attempt a campaign in its entirety.

Strategy no.5

The videos should be carefully branded with its target site. But care must be taken so as to avoid over use of branding, otherwise it may lead to negative effects. The position and frequency of branding depends upon the nature, focus and duration of the video.
Published: 2009-09-13
Author: mrinal ali hazarika

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