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Useful tool at a low price: the hand mixer

hand mixer

When starting in the kitchen

There are some items in the kitchen that you may be able to do without. Those just starting out may have a limited budget, and they may be able to do without the Kitchen Aid, but there are some basics that everyone should have in order to make a variety of foods that most like to have on occasion. When you bake just about anything, you have to have something that works better than a whisk, but won’t bust a budget. That’s why everyone should have a hand mixer in their kitchen.

Power of the arm

There are many kitchen tools that might be easier to use, or perhaps are more efficient than the hand mixer, but it will do the job when needed. They are always times when things need to be blended, beaten, and stirred, and though it is possible to do it with a whisk, you had better have a lot of power behind that arm in order for it to work right. If you are making scrambled eggs, you can easily do it on your own. However, to properly blend for cakes, cupcakes, or even homemade whipped cream, you have to have some power to help you out.

Hand mixer

The hand mixer can be a little messy, but if you have a large enough bowl in which to mix, you are going to be fine. However, a little splatter is a small price to pay when making sure your brownie mix is done just right. I know that when I was little, this was what my mom always used, and there was a huge bonus to the hand mixer. When she was done, my brother and I always got a beater so we could taste test before the finished product was done. I now do it with my daughter.

Not expensive and easy to clean

The reason the hand mixer is so good for those just starting out is because you can usually get them for under twenty dollars, and in some cases, they are under ten dollars. Not only that, they are much easier to clean after you have to quickly whip something up in a hurry, but you don’t feel like taking apart a more complicated device to clean it when you are finished. If you don’t have a lot of money to buy for newlyweds, and you know they are starting from scratch, this is a great idea for a gift that they can use and that won’t cost you too much money.
Published: 2007-09-25
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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