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Using Alternative Fuel Source

alternative fuel source

Using alternative fuel sources is not just a matter of environmental responsibility. It is not just about assuaging your conscience. It is good sense, and sound planning. Although most of us are in denial, the fossil fuels which form the backbone of our world economy are dwindling quite rapidly, even as we go about our daily business in our cars. Although few Americans use an alternative fuel source to commute, those who do are soon going to be at an advantage. If your alternative fuel source is your feet, whether through walking or bike riding, you are already at an advantage, taking care of your body and using transportation that is essentially free. However, even if you can not get around solely on your feet, it makes sense to start planning your life around alternate fuel sources now, before things go any farther.

Once the big oil crash happens, it will be a hardship on those who are unprepared to use an alternative fuel source. There will be a run on biodiesel vehicles, and an even greater demand for electric vehicles, causing skyrocketing prices, and shortages. In addition, many areas will probably not be adequately equipped to work with an alternative fuel source. There may be no where to even refill your biodiesel cars, and that will make things quite difficult. People will have become so hooked to the convenience of their gas powered vehicles, that they will not be able to really cope anyway. But if you plan your life around an alternative fuel source, you will have no trouble adjusting.

The most foolproof alternative fuel source is your own two feet, but after that comes public transit. If you live in an area where public transportation is already in place, and runs on electric vehicles, the chance is that your local economy will suffer far less damage from the fuel bust. The public transit, driven by an alternative fuel source, will be able to pick up the extra passengers who have been forced to suddenly give up their cars, and there will be minimal inconvenience. If you have an electric vehicle, you will similarly be in a good position, as electricity will always be a good alternative fuel source. No matter how bad the fuel crises gets, there is just no way that the government would let the national power grid collapse. Therefore, electricity makes a lot of sense.
Published: 2006-07-10
Author: Eric Raymond

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