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Valentine story

valentine day's gift

Rave seems to be tired and lethargic, everyone asked her what happened. She was not in the condition to predict what was happening with her. She had joined a new job thinking that she will enjoy it. Rave thought she can be a perfect homemaker who will be with his family all the ways. Her thought was virgin, pious and true. She was very happy the first day of her job. She had new dreams for the new city and new job. She came with lot of expectation in the town. She wanted to touch the skies.

Here she faced the most impossible task as she was more competent no one could tolerate her abilities. They had the target in their do something which should annoy her and she couldn’t do the work she deserves. She was very simple in her conduct. She really felt misfit in the institution as she thought that this institution is not meant for her to do the smooth and swift and honestly workstation for her.

She had decided not to sit at home doing nothing. She thought of it and wanted to seek peace for sometime so that she can be productive. Time came when she was running out of time and was in need of money. She didn’t have any option left with her. Looking to the blank blue sky she thought of to do something which she knew better and no one will trouble her. She had no money to invest on. In her school she used to be a great painter as well as a great narrator. She started to write stories which were appreciated by her husband. One day she was doing her work in the garden. It was full of flowers suddenly the story line flashed from her mind and she cannot stop herself and came up with the beautiful work. She was sketching and side by side framing lines for the tales. She really came up with the beautiful story book. Suddenly the wind started blowing she ran after the flung papers. Suddenly a gentleman came running to her, he told to give her that paper of the book. Rave refused to do so she said if you want to take, take the full story. I could not give this. It was my hard earned writing. The man heard and told her to give her the whole book for 500 dollars. She thought and got ready to do so. Next day was Valentines Day. She went lots of gift for her children and her husband. Her husband asked her from where she earned it. She was very happy and her husband was surprised about skills. Rave told her husband that now she would be able to eradicate the poverty from their house. The next day she got a beautiful bouquet and a good day kiss from her husband who was ready to go for the office. Rave received a call from the house that her book was chosen as best seller’s book. She couldn’t believe on the phone. The gentleman came himself to her house with the cheque of ten thousand dollars. He told her about the next assignment. She was glad to see it and now she was a well renowned writer who had opened a publishing for her self. Now her family was a happy family and the valentine day brought a big gift for her.
Published: 2009-02-16
Author: shilpi chaudhary

About the author or the publisher
i want to write because writing is my passion because it is the best expression from which one can present his or her view infront of othere. sharing views cutdown the barriers and brings in new information.

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