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Value erosion which can be stopped only by moulding the minds of the young

Education , Values , erosion , value cultivation, stress , strain, crime , terrorism . devaluation

Value erosion which can be stopped only by
Moulding the Minds of the Young:

In developing countries like India, SriLanka and others , Education today is going through stresses and strains.It is a big
social challenege for the entire society.

This is all the more pathetic with the decline in values.
Any number of Ministries of Education and Ministers of Education will not help as, TOTAL RE INVENTION of values is the need of the hour.

Today, Educational institutions fail to maintain the
teaching-learning climate.The social climate with a host of survival problems, is hardly better.

Compromising values in education is so common that a strict administrator in education has been shunted out for maintaining discipline during examinations in India recently. In these circumstances, teacher education needs to take note of basic values. It is an urgent challenge which needs to be addressed.

Moulding minds
Admittedly, education is a challenging task, and teacher education is more challenging because it is concerned with teachers who are moulding the minds of young learners in diverse directions by swimming against the current.

The methods of teaching values await a natural atmosphere of freedom and joy. Teaching values is NOT like teaching Science and History.

Even the skills for communication ought to be so crystallised as to leave a permanent stamp of grace, goodness and beauty. Teacher is also a Role model leader in the minds of the young.

Values as mere theories or definitions rarely have any impact on
the minds. In fact, no lesson on values becomes effective unless there is a living response in an ambience of stimulating interest and appreciation. You just imagine the Present Present President of India Mr.Abdul kalam is also a Teacher and longs to Teach after his presidentship. What an inspiration for the students who would be getting this opportunity to learn from the President?

Beauty, for instance, is an invaluable component of value education, but what most of the teachers formulate and elucidate fall on deaf ears because, contrary to the normal concept of beauty as a value component, he/she has his/her own world of beauty where the so-called antithetical concepts like ugliness, unfairness, abnormality and strangeness under diverse circumstances become appropriate, telling and down-to-earth in tune with humane sensibilities.

Apart from the fact that personalised values are relegated to the background, teacher education is yet to equip teachers on how to translate values into a vibrant reality.

It is also a challenge to prepare teachers for a broader SPECTRUM where isolated values become more meaningful in keeping with the priorities of life.

In teacher education, the world of values has a specific appeal because teachers deal directly with learners who have the proneness to brand all values as abstraction and inconsistent with set patterns of life.

At the same time, a thorough study of the essentials prior to launching programmes helps identify the plus and the minus points of the work schedule.

Changing situations:
Teacher education should observe the following parameters:

@ to enable the teacher to identify values best suited to the learner at different stages of school education in particular

@ to stimulate the teacher to study the values so identified under changing situations. For example: Changing Political, Economical, Social situations.

Facing real life situations:
@ to make a convenient platform for real-life situations depicting
day to day happenings.

Identification of Constraints:
@ to locate constraints with a view to bringing about a favourable climate of application;

Evaluations of Approach:
@ to manipulate teachers’ approaches and strategies side by side with a judicious approach to pupils’ attitudes, aptitudes, interests and appreciations;With regualr Feed back sessions,Evaluative programmes etc

Value cultivation:
@ to allow teachers to exercise a definite pattern of value cultivation which would enable the learner to be precise and distinct in conceptualisation and exercise;

Creation of an Open learning atmosphere:
@to foster a liberal approach to teaching especially for beginners in schools who would enjoy and appreciate values in terms of freedom to grow, think and learn,

Going Deep in to Value education:
@to help teachers dwelve deep into value education for creative and reflective thinking,

@to inspire teachers to help develop of aesthetic sensibilities,

Heritage and culture:
@ to provide teachers with opportunities for expanding horizons in relation to heritage and culture;

Cross cultural study:
@ to stimulate teachers to prepare and experiment with cross-cultural initiatives;

@to encourage teachers to execute programmes by means of relevant co-curricular activities including visits, exhibitions, workshops, debates, discussions, symposia, educational tours, social and cultural activities, interviews etc.

It is time for teacher orientation with specific strategies in school education.

Teachers serve as models for young learners.

A slight deviation causes devaluation.

Unless there is a missionary zeal for consolidation of mind and character, values are destined to be replaced by mischief and crime.
The escalation of Crime rates in the whole world proves this point.
Show us a Single day News papaer which DOES NOT have any piece of news on CRIME - TERRORISM ?!!

Orientation of teachers calls for five strategies:

care for pupils’ interest;

enrichment of value concepts and experiments;

setting the agenda for value analysis in terms of comparative significance:

arranging adequate platforms for exposure, and crystallising the presentation.

The strategic avenues in the middle and stages of school pre-supposes success at the early stage.

Indeed, if the groundwork fails to ensure a sound platform, it is difficult for the teacher to introduce newer strategies.

Indigenous needs
As regards socio-cultural and socio-aesthetic parameters, orientation of teachers calls for humane sensibilities towards indigenous needs and priorities. It is time value education is never taught in a stereotyped, moralistic manner by following a few poorly written

Parental care in value education is gradually turning into a myth. Frankly, children hardly receive the warmth of security and affection, involvement and guidance from parents and guardians. With several entertainment gadgets available and used without care, they become easy victims of obscenities.

Who cares? Family disturbances reflected in broken homes, separation, loneliness, addiction and evasiveness, to mention a few, have provided fertile ground for a crisis values/ Let there be programmes for
parent-teacher orientation. Unless the “education of sympathy” so poignantly stressed by Rabindranath Tagore is synchronised, the cathedrals of education would produce value-less creatures in the name of future citizens.

At this rate and world of speed , we will produce educated machines in the name of students who might have forgotten to learn Values and Feelings resulting in a GROUP - (NOT A Society) of human machineries armed with knowledge and information only , that too as separate individuals NEVER as a Society -(WHICH IS A COMBINATION OF



Published: 2006-04-02
Author: Chockalingam Eswaramurthi

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Iam a Professional writer dedicated to sharing the knowledge on topics of Public interest, be it Management , Leadership , Social service , World Politics , Personalities , Industries , Health , Computers , Policy making , Governments , Book review etc., Iam from Singapore . My e mail id is :

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