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Various ways to dispose the computer?

computer reuse, disposing computer, trade-in

Various Ways to Get Rid of Old Computer

The old computers which are still working can be again used as the new computer but with some new installations or up gradations. The old computer may be disposed by landfill or other methods but these are harmful to the environment so we can get rid of the old computer in different ways according to the needs by dismantling some parts or the whole computer:

1) System Up gradation: This can be done in many ways as illustrated below by which the computers can be sold again at effective price.

a) Monitor Up gradation: The monitor contains lead which is harmful to the environment when it get mixed with it, so we can replace the old cathode ray tube(CRT) screens with the new flat displays.

b) Processor Up gradation: The processor up gradation is the effective means to increase the performance by increasing the frequency on which the old computer is working. This increases the speed of the computer to a large extent and increases the computer’s performance.

c) Memory installation: We can increase the RAM memory or can install new fast memories like cache memory to increase the speed. Generally the 1 GB RAM is being used now days.

d) Hard Disk Space: We can increase the low spaced hard disk to higher memory disk like 80 GB or greater. This can help to increase the size of
storing the data.

e) Component Replacement: Many parts of the computer can be replaced by new parts like CD Drives can be replaced by new combo CD/DVD drives. Even the accessories like printer, modem etc. can also be replaced by newer ones.

f) Reformatting: The reformatting is a technique to install new operating system to increase the performance as computer might be infected from some viruses, worms etc. Thus by installing new and advance operating system again makes an old computer to work like new computer.

These are the methods by which we can make the old computer comparable to a newer one.

2) Reuse: This method refers to sell the old computers. The firms which have a stock of old computer can sell their computers to other smaller firms at reduced prices. Even the old computers can be given to employees.

3) Recycle: The recycle process can be a difficult one or can be simpler one depending upon the state of computer specially monitors which contains the hazardous Lead which is harmful for environment. Computer also contains harmful elements like Mercury, Cadmium etc. So the method of landfill can be adopted. In many countries governments have employed some provisions for recycling the old computers.

4) Trade-in: Many computer producing companies like Dell, HP/Compaq have trade-in programs where they may charge some fees for trade in programs for old computer. Gateway’s program provides refund ($25 to $50 cash refund) on donating the old computer. Dell has a provision (Dell Exchange) for the Dell customers for donating, trading, or selling used Dell computers.

5) Charity: This is valuable method for getting rid of the old computer. Some companies which donate their computers to schools, charity trusts etc. get tax relaxation by the government.

6) Applying old computer for low usage purposes: By this we can also apply the usage of old computers by using system up gradation system and apply them for low usage application.

Computer Disposal Evaluation
The computer disposal evaluation may be based on the legal issues as well as with the financial issues. The disposal method must be with less error. The method should be environmental beneficial and economic too. The legal, cost and error are the main issue in disposal evaluation.

The system up gradation is the most useful method to eliminate the problem of old computer. Thus one can make old system comparable to new system without much expenditure. This method decreases the chances of error.

The computer may be disposed according to its working condition. The computer which is still working efficiently can be applied in other application. This is the best usage of a computer which is money saving.

The recycling method is effective method but it may lead to various harmful effects like land pollution, air pollution etc. So this method must be according to the environmental laws which are implemented by the government or other bodies. Thus this method of disposing the computer must be legal to save the environment by various harmful elements. Landfill is also a method but it is also harmful method as it also degrades the environment.

The other methods are also there like reuse, trade-in etc. which are also useful methods. Reuse method is efficient method which can be used to sell computer and thus one can earn some money for purchasing newer one. Thus the cost of new computer is decreased. This method is legal and causes no harm to the environment.

Many companies have employed some trade-in program which may be free or companies may charge some fees for this. The trade-in programs are in moderate use now a day. This is effective mean to reduce the bulk of old computers although one may have to spend money on this method.

One can donate their computers also, to reduce the application of recycling method to decrease the pollution..

The best method is system up gradation as it has less error possibilities as well as its low cost. Then the reuse method is also good. The recycle method is quite to reduce computer bulk but causes pollution and other errors may happen. Then the charity and trade-in are also good methods. The last one which is of low usage is using old computers in other small usage application.


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Published: 2007-06-26
Author: sarvesh joshi

About the author or the publisher
I am Sarvesh Joshi from India. I am a student of electronics and communication enginnering. I am willing to work as a freelance writer.

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