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Vicky and his magic land

tale, short story, boy, vicky, magic land, dreams

Once upon a time there lived a dreamy boy named Vicky. He always lived in the world of fantasies. He didn’t care much for his studies. So his mother was very sad. She always prayed to god for a change in him. But that was all in vain. So she scolded him whenever she saw him sitting idle.

One day when Vicky was sitting idle in the playground, a man approached him. He had a long hair and a beard. He carried a bag on his shoulder. His face was very attractive but it looks tired. He pleaded Vicky to fetch him some water. Vicky went to somewhere and bought him a bottle of water and some food. The man ate the food hungrily. He then stretched his legs and turned to Vicky to thank him.

“I am welcome sir,” said Vicky politely.

After a little conversation, the man asked Vicky what he wants. Suddenly Vicky said that he doesn’t do things for reward. The man looked thoughtfully and told Vicky that he will take Vicky to the Magic Land. Vicky exclaimed loudly.
Suddenly the man asked Vicky to close his eyes. When Vicky closed his eyes the man started to spell some words. Later he asked Vicky to open the eyes. When Vicky opened his eyes, he was surprised because he was surrounded with his fantasies. Vicky jumped with joy. He then turned to the man.

“You can play as long as you wish. I will wait for you here,” said the man.
“Thank you Sir,” said Vicky.

Soon Vicky started to play. He was thrilled to see the talking cartoons and dolls. He had a good time, but he was exhausted at last. So he went to the man and asked him to take him back home.

“I will take you back but you should promise me that you will not dream any more but will give importance to your studies.”
“I love fantasies and I cannot forget easily as you tell.”
“I don’t want you to forget them but to keep them away until your exams are finished.”

Vicky turned his face sadly, but promised at last. Soon the man spell some words and suddenly he and Vicky reached back to the playground. The man turned to Vicky,

“Now I have to leave you. I hope you will keep your promise. If you did so I will come again to take you to the Magic land.”
“I will keep my promise sir.”

Later Vicky ran to his house. His mother was surprised to see his changes because he started to study hardly. She thought that it is the god who gave him a change. But only Vicky knew what really happened to him.
Published: 2009-05-03
Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

About the author or the publisher
I really love writing and reading and so I have started an account in this site. I feel writing as a best way to express one's view, and this opinion made me interested in writing....and this interest will continue till my heart beat.

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