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Video poker

Video poker, History of Video Poker, computerized console, video casino games, Video poker machines , Types of Video Poker

Video poker refers to a casino game that is based on five card draw poker. 5-card draw poker is one of the most popular varieties of poker. Poker refers to a game of cards, in which betting rules are applied. The video poker is played on a computerized console. This computerized console, in which video poker is played, is similar to the size of a slot machine. This casino game is one of the most popular casino games at present. Thousands of casino game lovers play this game on a regular basis. This game has got immense popularity in the United States as well as in other western countries.

History of Video Poker

Like all video casino games, the history of video poker is also not very old. The game of video poker became popular somewhere in the second half of 20th century. At that time, when combining a television like monitor with a solid state central processing unit became economical, video poker fist became commercially viable. In the middle of 1970s, a time when personal computers were produced the first video poker machine also came into the market.

The very first models of video poker machines were huge and the design was primitive judging by modern standards. The operation of these machines was very slow too. However, these video poker machines immediately drew the attention of the casino game lovers and the game instantly became a popular casino game.

SIRCOMA that stood for SI Redd’s Coin Machines evolved overtime to become international game technology introduced the game of draw poker in the year 1979. This incident made video poker firmly established in the world of casino games. It also contributed significantly to the popularity of the game. In the 1980s video poker gradually became popular in the casinos. More and more casinos introduced this game in their gaming schedule.

On the other hand, most of the players and casino goers also found this console game a lot less intimidating than the table games played in those casinos at that time. At present, video poker has become of the major casino games in terms of popularity. In most of the casinos, video poker enjoys a prominent place in the gaming floor. The game is very popular game with the locals of Las Vegas, the paradise of casinos. The locals patronize the local casinos of the famous Las Vegas Strip. The local casinos at Las Vegas offer lower denominations as well as better odds. It was a common sight in the last decade of the previous centuries.

At present, however, most casinos across the world are cutting their pay tables. They are offering 25 cent machine or machines with higher denominations for a game of video poker. Though the scenario has changed a bit in terms of machines, the popularity of video poker is still on the rise. Most of the casino lovers prefer this game over many other games of this type. It is said that, video poker is one of the main reasons behind the current popularity of the game of poker.

How Video Poker is played?

Video poker is an easy casino game based on 5-card draw poker. This casino game is played on a computerized console. The game of video poker begins in a way similar to poker. A bet or credit is placed in this case too. The bet or credit in video poker is placed by inserting money into the machine. Some of the new machines also use a bar coded paper ticket instead of money.

Once the player has inserted the money into the machine, he or she has to press the deal button. After that he or she will be able to draw cards. In this game, the players are given the chance to keep or to discard one or more than one cards in exchange for a new card. The new card has to be drawn from the same virtual deck. Once the draw takes place, the machine evaluates the hand. If the hand of the player matches any of the winning hands in the posted pay schedule, then the machine offers the player a payout.

Usually on a video poker machine, the payout starts with a minimum hand of a pair of jack. In other words, a pair of jack is the minimum hand offered in the payout. The pay tables allocate the payout of hands. The allocation depends on the rarity of the hands. The total theoretical return which the game operator chooses to offer often becomes the deciding factor in the pay table as well.

There are some advanced video poker machines that offer a progressive jackpot in for the royal flush as well as other rare hands. Thus, it encourages the players to play more coins as well as to play more frequently.

Video poker machines that are operated in state regulated jurisdictions are specially programmed to deal random card sequences. A series of cards is generated by the machine for each play. Five of the cars dealt straight to the hands while the other five cards are dealt in order, if the player requests for it. This rule is based upon Nevada regulation.

Nevada regulation is adopted by most of the other states that have a gaming authority. This regulation requires dice and cards used in an electronic game to be as random as the real game. The computation limit of the game has to be within the limit as set by the gaming authority. All the video poker machines are tested according to this regulation before being offered to the public. In Nevada, video poker game requires to simulate a 52 cards deck or 53 cards deck.

In case of the newer version of video poker gaming software, all 10 cards are not dealt out at once. The new software now deals out the first five cards. After the draw button is pressed, a second set of cards from the remaining 47 or 48 cards are generated. This software was introduced after the players found a way that can reverse engineer a random number generator cycle. The players used to reverse engineer from sample hands and they could also predict the hidden cards in advance prior to the new version of video poker software.

Types of Video Poker

The new and advanced video poker machines can employ a variety of the basic five card draw video poker. One of the well known variants of the video poker game is the Deuces Wild. In this variant, two serves as a wild card. The jackpot in this game is paid to four deuces of for a natural royal. Pay schedule modification is another popular game where four aces with a five or lesser kicker is used to pay an enhanced amount. Another well known variant of video poker is known as multi play poker.

In this version, a player starts with a basic of five cards. With each additional played hand, he or she can draw from a different set of cards with the base hand removed. There are a number of games under this variety which are referred to as triple play, five play, ten play and fifty play. There is also a one hundred play version.

Those video poker games that do not have a wild card system are known as non-wild games. In such games, a player who plays five or six hundred hands per hour can receive the rare four of a kind once in every hour. However, a player has to play form many days or weeks to receive royal flush, which is an extremely rare hand. Other well known variations of video poker includes ten or better, jacks or better, bonus poker, double bonus and double double bonus.

A number of varieties of the game are to be offered to the public in near future. Research is being made to improve the quality of the game and to make the game more and more interesting. The security treatments are also being taken care of in the new versions of video poker machines. The software for video poker is also undergoing a sea change to improve the gaming experience of the players. According to the experts, video poker is going to rule the world of casino games for quite a few years now. The popularity of the game is ever increasing.

Thousands of casino goers everyday play the game of video poker and like it. It is one of the most enjoyable casino games that have never lost its popularity since its emergence. At present, most of the casinos have video poker machines in their playing area. The queues in front of these machines are really long. Seeing this queue one can easily understand the popularity of this game. The game is one of the most popular and the easiest game in casinos. Those players who do not like even the easiest table games are fond of this kind of poker games.
Published: 2008-12-01
Author: kichu

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