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Vukani Ma-Afrika

Khethi, music, Afrodisiac, Forgotten Angle, When Life Happens, AIDS, Vukani, Ma-Afrika, Xemplified, Live 101, South Africa

She is larger than life! No really, the woman is on some other tip!

I, of all people can be readily accused of bein somewhat biased, havin known her for close to 8 years from our college days, when nobody knew who she was, right thru the Live 101 days, when we was all out there tryna make a mark and havin thrown in the music on one of the tracks on her album, Xemplify… But when everybody else who does not have the same level of intimacy with her seems to agree that she is all that twice over, then it becomes the Koran written in stone.

OK, backtrack! I’m gettin ahead of myself, here.

I was at Bassline last night, for a little recognised AIDS-awareness project called When Life Happens hosted by The Forgotten Angle, a collective that uses the creative arts such as poetry and music to draw focus to their socially relevant message.

Khethi was performin there. And my Lord, what a performance!

As I said, I’ve known Khethi for a while now. This is not just about idle name-droppin and tryna create a hype… Although, admittedly just a bit of it is. But it’s also about bein humbled at bein so closely exposed to someone who has grown from a wannabe to diva goin even beyond South African borders. I’ve had the honour of watchin this woman fight the odds to establish herself as a credible musician in a very unforgivin industry that seems to somehow always sideline real talent in favour of played-out, one-line, no-content, no-intellect, dried-up, been-in-the-sun-too-long, chewed-by-someone-else-for-three-years-before bubble-gum music. Yeah, I know it’s a sore spot for everybody… Well at least for the more mentally Xemplified… but in my opinion nobody’s doin enough about it. That’s right, I said it!

So she rocked the crowd for the get-go! Her stage-presence was overpowering and captivating to say the least. Once she had you in the palm of yo hand, she could literally tickle yo belly-button with a simple suggestion from across the room. Lyrical content as well as pure, unadulterated genius vocal delivery put down delicately so as to complement the melodies and rhythmical carpets laid by her equally talented band, Afrodisiac. These nyggaz was rehearsed and it showed! That level of professionalism and dedication to perfection has gotten rare in our generation.

When Khethi got off stage, I ran outside to see if I could get a close-up interview with her, but I have to confess, when I caught up with her, I was walking jelly, totally weak at the knees. I tried to open my mouth to speak and all I could say was, “….” I just ended up huggin her like the groupie I am and hangin on real tight although I did somehow manage to snap a photo or two.

South Africa, check this out: If y’all don’t start recognisin yo own as the stars they are, they will find recognition elsewhere. They say, “A prophet is not without honour except in his own hometown.” It would be sad if this sayin were to be tru about Khethi in South Africa. Vukani maAfrika!
Published: 2008-01-18
Author: Tebogo Rameetse

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