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Want to do something original? Make your own party invitations!

make your own invitations

Control and originality?

In this day and age of automation, everything we do seems controlled. A simple birthday party may be fraught with protocol and politically correct rules. So how can you plan a party that's different, yet original?

Your own party invitation

One way to set your party apart from the rest is to make your own party invitations. We've all received the run of the mill invitation, with a sweet or humorous sentiment. One way to set your party above and beyond the regular grind is to make your own party invitations. Besides saving the expense of the pat phrases and sentiments expressed in the “canned” versions, your customized, make your own party invitations express a personalized, hip and up to the moment invitation which appeals to your group of friends.

Hand made

Rather than relying on a cliched appeal for the attendance of your friends, think about doing a hand made and original solicitation. If your group of friends are into rap, consider a collage of rap artists on a plain background of paper. If you're sending invitations to Frasier and his friends, perhaps a background of musical notes inscribed with notes from Prokofieff or Shostakovitch will set the right note.

Personal note

When you make your own invitations, you're lending a personal note, which reverberates well with your audience.


The paper you use to make your own invitations is paramount. A fine cotton rag paper denotes elegance and a refined interpretation. Sweet words complete the picture.


On the other hand, you may make your own invitations in the spirit of lightheartedness, or a cartoon designed to make the recipient laugh. In this case, simple poster board may make the grade. Your message may be hand lettered, executed in calligraphy or a simple crayon rendering. When you go for this casual, make your own invitations approach, you'll do well to make the styles match. Advertising houses often use this approach to appeal to a mass market. Try to synthesize your appeal, so that paper, ink and words deliver a single message: this is a party you don't want to miss!

Word artist

Knowing a poet can be a big asset when you make your own invitations. A poet is a word artist, capturing the spirit of the moment and the attention of your guests. An artful invitation is a successful invitation.


An artist friend can also increase the success of the “make your own invitations” project. The artist paints with color and all you need to do is fill in the words, inviting your guests to participate in your celebration.

Heart and love

Creativity and thoughtfulness are all that's required for a successful make your own invitations project. Throw your heart into it and a measure of love. You'll find your house overflowing with eager guests and a delighted honoree!
Published: 2007-09-28
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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