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There is a water shortage in Kericho town that has been in existence since early in the month of July, this year. Signs of water in the taps in the slums appear very early in the morning starting from five o’clock in the morning and then they disappear at seven o’clock in the morning .The reasons of the shortage are not clearly known to the public in this town but from the what was whispered to the citizen newspaper ,there is a rumor circulating in the slum estates that the staff at the Kericho water and sanitation company had been heard complaining that the public had not been punctually enough in paying their water bills and garbage and other sanitation services bills which had lead to the companies closure of this services .Because of its necessity for survival ,water was being rationed to the public just to keep them going while they go about finding for solutions to this problems .Water comes for only two or three hours daily ,it only comes for the first two hours of daylight then disappears until up to the first two hours of dusk then it disappears until the following morning.

There were reports in the press that the Kericho water and sanitation company(KEWASCO), was in avery bad state finically and that it was on the edge of collapse .It was said that the company had been thrown in to a financial turmoil by it’s current leaders and that some of them had even resigned from office .The current regime in the company is suspected to have misused the company’s funds .So, it is not clearly known what could be going on at town hall and it is very hard to conclude anything before the staff at town hall says something about the situation .

There were reports in the press that the company is almost collapsing and then there has been a water shortage for the last whole month of July ,the chances are fifty to fifty that the company can not continue functioning normally any more .However ,the staff at the town hall haven’t uttered a word about the situation.
Published: 2008-09-20
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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