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Waukegan cheap used car options: What to look for in a pre-owned purchase

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So you lost your job when the economy tanked and just got back into the corporate world. But your savings dwindled over your period of unemployment, and you need a quality vehicle for your new position. But what is your best option if you want to get the best bang for your buck? Buying pre-owned, of course.

Okay, maybe this isn’t everyone’s situation. But it isn’t too far-fetched. Maybe you’re looking to buy a car but are keeping yourself on a tight budget. You want quality and affordability, but you’re not sure where to find it. One good thing the recession has done for Gurnee used cars dealers is to remind area drivers that pre-owned vehicles offer a great compromise for consumers looking to buy new.

A key point to remember in evaluating a pre-owned car option is the car’s history. For instance, did you know that 2.5 million cars are wrecked annually? This fact may not surprise you. But what should surprise you is that 1 million of those cars end up back on the road. That’s a lot of vehicles that have critical problems due to accidents. But they all look the same on the outside. There are a few key places where you can find crucial information before walking into your Antioch used cars dealer.

While many drivers have heard of CARFAX, some have not tried the site. CARFAX provides all sorts of useful information about the history of specific used cars. For instance, you would really like to know how often the car has been serviced in the past. You also want to know if that car has been in an accident and, if so, how many accidents. CARFAX does charge some fees and, while they aren’t hefty, there are other, less expensive options out there to help you evaluate your purchase – AutoCheck being one of them.

You’ll want to make sure to evaluate a long list of other criteria. For instance, what is the vehicle’s depreciation value? You don’t want a car with a plummeting price tag, and, depending on the make and model, the price tag on your cheap Waukegan used car could stay steady or depreciate in value.

Different vehicles also come with excess baggage. Makes and models differ in the costs of insurance. For instance, a more powerful sports car might have a much higher price tag then your typical family minivan. Before you enter your Gurnee used cars dealer, make sure you evaluate how much your insurance costs are going to run you.

The importance of fuel economy when selecting a quality used car purchase should not be underestimated. Not only does fuel economy have major effects on the environment, but it will also contribute to how much money you’ll be shelling out in gas over the vehicle’s lifespan. is a good place to start if you’re interested in learning more about the fuel economy of different vehicles before you enter your Antioch used cars dealer.

So remember: a smart decision is buying used. An even smarter decision is educating yourself before you walk into your local dealer.

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Frank Gaston is a Chicago-area auto enthusiast that blogs and contributes various articles to online automotive trade publications. His article features information on Gurnee used cars and Antioch used cars.
Published: 2009-10-26
Author: Frank Gaston

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