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Ways to Positive Living

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The secret of a happy life depends on the way we think positively. Positive thoughts always produce positive actions. In this article you will learn how to be positive no matter what your circumstances are.


Many times in life we come across many situations which are challenging and also threatening. We need to face those situations even though we don’t like to face. We need to have the inner strength to face the issues of life. Majority of that inner strength comes from our mind which confronts millions of thoughts each day. This means you are confronted with both negative and positive thoughts.

But the good news is we can choose our thoughts. Say it loud,” I can choose my thoughts. You can choose positive thoughts and reject negative thoughts. You have the power to control your mind and command it to think positively. Positive thoughts always results in positive actions.

People who have positive thoughts always tend to win their ventures, and even if they fail they easily recover from their failures. No task seems to be difficult to them and no challenge greater.

If you are a student you need to be positive about your studies, if you are a business man you have to be positive about your business, if you are a home maker you have to have positive thoughts towards your husband and children.


Happy life is for all. Even happiness is a choice. You can choose to be happy inspite of your circumstances. Your happiness depends upon your decisions to be positive. Decide to be positive. Decide to be happy. Your decision is very important. If you don’t decide then you can’t move forward. Decide and be firm in your decision. Then desire to be positive. Decision alone will not help you. You need to desire to be positive. You desire has a power within to take you to the place you desired.

Determine to be positive. Your determination is very important because the moment you decide and desire to be positive be ready to face a negative situation immediately. When you confront a negative situation or a negative thought be determined to be positive. Be determined to smile in the storm. Be determined not to lose hope. Talk to yourself. Start loving yourself and learn to forgive yourself.

Remember the three D's.Decide, Desire and Determine. You are called to win. Be positive and stay positive. The battle is not over till you win.
Published: 2008-05-06
Author: Jeffrey Anand Singh

About the author or the publisher
I am a self driven and a talented person,intended to accept challenges and eager to grow.I motivate myself and never give up on anything easily.
I always like to stay positve no matter what my circumstances are.I also have an ability to work smart.
I completed my engineering and am currently working as a technical writer in a mnc.

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