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Wow! The word “Wedding” itself brings smile to our lips and radiance on our face. Is’nt it? The persons already married lapse into the world of sweet memories of their own wedding whereas the persons to be married float in the dream world imagining their wedding.

It is not an exaggeration to say that getting ready for the wedding is more difficult than finding a suitable partner.

Once the date is fixed for the D-day, the countdown begins. The guest list has to be prepared, the invitations have to be distributed. But above all, selecting the wedding dress along with matching jewellery and accessories is a Herculean task.

Especially, it is very difficult to satisfy the bride. She always feels she could have looked more beautiful with other choices around. Even, it is not easy to cater to the tastes of the bridegrooms either. Nowadays with the revolution in the fashion world of men, they are also particular about their clothes and accessories.

Coming to the topic of the arrangement of the ceremony itself, the sky is (not) the limit. With the advent of new technology, the concept of the fairyland, hitherto an illusion has become a reality. The name and fame of the celebrity reflects on the grandeur of the celebration. The sumptuous spread on the dining table not only succeeds in tickling the palates but also is feast to the eyes. Recently, a celebrity wedding has found its place in the Guinness book of records.

Of late, the traditional wedding scenario is under going a sea change. Men and women are getting more daring and adventurous. The grandeur of the wedding arena has been getting shifted to the vast expanse of natural surroundings. There have been reports of wedding taking place under water and even in the sky. After all it is said that ‘marriages are made in heaven.( God forbid, a slight technical snag or an ill timing could make this saying literally true )

The adventurous brides and grooms are shedding their fashion designed wedding attire and donning the protective suits for sky diving or scuba diving. Enamored with heavy suit and oxygen cylinder, fully covered from head to toe, the practicality of exchanging the rings or garlands is left to one’s own imagination.

Well, whether the ceremony is traditional or adventurous, finally what matters is the attitude of the persons getting wed towards the seriousness of the sacred bond of wedding. It should be considered as the spiritual union of two compatible persons.

Nowadays, many people opt for live in relationships. Such persons should try to understand the many advantages of getting married. It not only offers security but also enables one to experience true love and affection in today’s materialistic world.

The complete family along with children is like a cozy nest and it should be built on a strong foundation of love and trust.

Jyothi Prabha Kakde.

Published: 2006-09-05
Author: Jyothi Prabha

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Masters in English Literature. Freelance writer. Have won prizews for short stories, humour articles. News papers and magazines publish my articles regularly.

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