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Wellknown Alternative Therapies-Ayurveda and Magneto-Therapy

alternative therapies,Ayurveda,Magneto-therapy

AYURVEDA- the science of long life,is the longest health tradition and a complete system of medicine and healing(including surgery) based on nature.The word Ayurveda is composed of Ayu-which means life and veda which means knowledge.Ayurveda has Holistic approach to Disease which occurs when the original form encounters change at psychological or physiological level.

To regulate health in the living body,Ayurveda concised the panchabhootas-the five basic elements of nature,into tridoshas,namely vata,pitta and kapha.In diseased condition,the doshas manifest their particular symptoms denoting loss of natural rhythm or malfunction.The purpose of treatment of the disease is to bring the tridoshas in equilibrium ie back to their natural rhythm.This is acheived through Ayurvedic medicines which are made from wide range of various plant parts that are available in nature around us.These medicines are manufactured by extensive processes as prescribed by the ancient texts.Various clinical studies have now confirmed the effectiveness of Ayurvedic medicine and hence Ayurveda can no longer be called as pseudo-science.

MAGNETO THERAPY is based upon principle that disease is the result of an imbalance between the various electromagnetic forces present inside the body.Magnetotheraphy strives to restore the natural balance of forces.

Every cell of our body is an electrical unit,therefore it possesses a magnetic field.Every organ has a specific magnetic field,different from others.

Properties of Poles:
SOUTH POLE:It is useful in infectious and inflammatory conditions.It is commonly used in skin diseases,Arthritis,Infectious Diseases,Anxiety,Convulsions,Eye ailments,Pain,Neuralgia,Insomnia,Etc.
NORTH POLE:It is useful in treating Paralysis,Hernia,Leucoderma,Baldness,muscle weakness,general weakness,etc.

*Decrease in level of Bad Cholestrol.
*Stimulation of Pancreas by North pole leading to increased production of Insulin,thus helping control of Blood Sugar in Diabetes.
*Improvement in patients with Infectious disease indicated by decrease in WBC count and drop in ESR.
*Decrease in Blood Pressure.
*Hastening of Wound Healing.
*Hastening of healing of Fractured bones.
*Increased hopes for survival of Cancer patients since Cancer Cells Cannot survive in strong magnetic field.
*Increased hopes for patients suffering from Paralysis of lower limbs due to injury of Spinal cord,due to ability of Magnets to stimulate the production and development of new cells.
*Good amount of relief of pain due to Osteoarthritis,Rheumatoid arthritis,Cervical Spondylosis.,Frozen shoulder,Fibrositis,Muscle strain and sprain.
*It has also proved useful in preventing Osteoporosis.
*Very beneficial in reducing pain due to Tooth ache.South pole is also useful in stopping loss of blood through wounds.
*It can arrest progression of Eye disease like Cataract and Glaucoma.
*It has also proved beneficial in Disorders of Kidney and Urinary Bladder.Magnetised water has power to dissolve stones in Kidney and Urinary bladder.magnetised water also helps patients suffering from Anuria,Indigestion,Acidity and Flatulence.

Usually water magnetized by both the poles should be consumed.For this two magnets should be kept on either side of bottle such that North pole of one magnet faces South pole of other.For Hyperacidity,Gastric ulcer,water magnetized only by South pole should be used.For sluggish digestion,water magnetized by North pole can be used.
Published: 2007-12-07
Author: Dr Virashri Rivonkar

About the author or the publisher
I m an Ayurvedic physician with descent knowledge of Modern Medicine,Yoga,Alternative medicine,Herbal medicine.

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