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What appeals to me in Gandhi's life and thought

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The great leader and the father of our nation, Mahatma Gandhi is the man I admire the most. His devotion to work and his truthfulness are the qualities which appeals to me in Gandhiji’s life and thought. He possessed all good virtues a man could have in life. Because of his ideal character, he was given the surname as “Mahatma”. He spoke what all he thought; and he did what all he spoke. There was no contradiction between his thought, word and deeds. That was why the whole India stood behind him during the freedom struggle.

He was a firm advocate of truth from his childhood. His story of refusal on copying a single word in a dictation during his high school inspection is remarkable. It is noticeable because he didn’t even got convinced by his teacher, when he was insisted by him to copy. His tale of truth never ends there. His individuality to tell truth made him able to take strong decisions in life and to create a good attitude in him.

His interest towards the book about Shravana and a play regarding Harishchandra gave a big alter to his life. Though he was a Hindu by birth, he regarded every religion as sacred. He also gave importance to every body. He had many experiences with god’s play, due to his simple life and a helping mind. The event of getting huge sum of money from an unfamiliar person for carrying out his ashram, during a misery time, is a big example for it.

His devotion to work during our freedom struggle got us independence from British rule. His hard work helped us to create Hindu Muslim unity. He always wanted people to abolish untouchability from Indian soil. He also worked hard for the upliftment of women and children. His work was of non violence. The British rule was shaken and removed not by the use of weapons, but by his non violence. For him, the end as well as the means of the end was equally important. He got us independence without shedding lives and blood.

During his life in South Africa, he worked for the upliftment of Indian people. His number of travel to South Africa and the years he spent there are its example. His simplicity of donating the presents, he received during the farewell in South Africa is highly impressible.

To conclude, Gandhiji can be associated as a saint, philosopher and a unique role model for all young people. The characters of Mahatma Gandhi are numerous and every one should learn his qualities. His true life can be realized through his autobiography, “the experiments of truth”. Reading it can bring many changes in every body’s life. In the book, he has disclosed many secrets of his personal life, which shows his utter simplicity and truthfulness. Because of his sole qualities, I always have great respect for this great man.
Published: 2009-01-17
Author: Sreelakshmy vijayan uma

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