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What bark collar should I buy?

bark collar

Many dog specialist will tell you that you can buy a bark collar for a quick solution, but it's better to train your dog to not to bark for a best result.

Dogs bark, it’s a fact of a dogs life. But sometimes the dog’s barking can become excessive and disruptive to others. For this reason a bark collar is a good thing to purchase for your canine friend. A dog barks for different reasons whether it is for attention, at someone, or if they feel threatened or feel that the owner is threatened. In any of these instances a bark collar can be used to keep the dog from barking excessively.

If there are neighbors close by or if your dog’s barking is scaring children, seriously considering purchasing a bark collar. A bark collar can make people feel safer when walking by the dog as some people are nervous around animals and can feel very hesitant when a dog is barking at them.

The Citronella collar and the shock collar are the two main types to choose from each with their own advantages and disadvantages. The Citronella version is a safe and humane way to keep a dog from barking. A light spray of Citronella in front of the dog’s nose is put out when the dog barks. Dogs generally do not like Citronella or the hissing noise that is let out by the bark collar when the dog barks. The dog figures out quite quickly what is happening and the result is less barking. There are many types of the Citronella collars on the market. The Citronella bark collar is seen as a more humane way to get a dog to stop barking. It has also shown to be twice as effective as a shock bark collar in making the canine stop barking.

The other type is thought to involve a more aggressive approach in quieting the animal down. This type of collar works much like a Citronella collar except that instead of a spray of Citronella the dog receives a little shock. The dog learns from their actions and stops barking as they do not like to get shocked. Many see this type of bark collar as inhumane considering that it inflicts pain on the animal. Add to this the fact that they do not work as well as the Citronella type of bark collar. The type you purchase will directly effect how your dog feels. Some give little shocks that are all the same while others increase the shock the more the dog barks.

If this approach does not work there are surgeries for debarking but they are seen as even more inhumane to the animal than the collars and most veterinarians will not suggest the operation. It’s much better to purchase a collar that is designed to help silence your four-legged rather loud friend.

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Published: 2006-07-30
Author: Eric Raymond

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