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What does it take to be happy?

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All of us want to be happy and are in constant pursuit of it. But it seems to be all elusive. It comes for a while but is
fleeting! It is probably like catching the clouds. When we were kids, we thought being an adult was fun. But ask most adults and they will tell you how much they miss those care free days of childhood! They badly want to be kids again!

When one is unemployed they yearn for a job and pray for anything to come by their way. When one gets a job,
the thrill and excitement wanes with time. And then before one realizes it, unhappiness and discontent about the new job
creeps in. Either it’s the supervisor or the compensation, but one conveniently manages to find a reason.

The single ones envy the married while the married look back at the great times they had being single!
We human beings are constantly looking to have what we don’t. Is that a problem? Well, not really!
Without this attribute, Mankind could not have managed all the marvelous inventions and discoveries over thousands
of years. We would have remained where we were 50,000 years ago or we might have even become extinct! If this is a
boon, and then what is the problem?

This desire to have more, to have better things drives us to perform and is the engine of our progress. While desires
are good, it is dangerous when we get obsessed with them. So much so, that we ignore everything else and eventually land up
being unhappy. We have become good at counting our failures or miseries when we should in fact be counting our blessings. How many times have we praised this great miracle called life? How many times have we bothered to count our blessings in the form of family, friends, eyes, ears, hands legs etc.? If we just close our eyes for 5 minutes and try living our life we will realize that we are blessed! We take the goodness of life for granted!

Happiness is not just about success in our goals, it is about learning to enjoy what we already have while still dreaming
and working for the unachieved, bigger better things! Next time we feel bad about the big hurdle on our way in achieving the next big goal in life, let us take a minute to appreciate the wonderful aroma of the morning coffee, watch the birds fly up in the sky, gaze at the sky and look at the countless stars and the ever changing cloud, spend some time to smell the flowers or take a look at the blooming flowers or the humming bee! If that doesn’t work, we could reflect on some good incidents in life or an instance of success in our life! Each one of us would surely have some achievement or some incident in life that makes us feel great or proud or happy! If that too doesn’t excite us because we think our misery is worse, let us think of the soldier who is willing to give his life for the nation just so that you and I can be safe! Let us think of the laborer who works many more hours with no hope of a better life while struggling to barely make enough to feed himself and his family.

Hopefully, this will help us realize how blessed we are. This will then re - energize us and help us chase our dreams with
renewed vigor! Great pleasure is in some way our ability to count our blessings and not count our miseries!

While there are many ways to happiness, chasing dreams while being excited about all the wonderful gifts of life, let’s not forget the struggles of others and the vastness of the cosmos and the minuteness of the self; it would surely take us in the right direction.
Published: 2010-05-11
Author: Sanjana Uthappa. N

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