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What is Acne?

Acne, health, personality, how to treat acne, acne myths and treatment

What is Acne?

Acne is a type of an inflammatory disease of the human skin that is a result of the changes in the structures of the skin that consists of a hair follicle and its association with the sebaceous gland.

Acne is usually most common in the puberty stage and is considered as an abnormal response to the normal levels of testosterone, the male hormone. The response for acne tends to diminish with the passage of time.
Acne myths

There are certain myths that are associated with acne.

1. Use of chocolates leads to pimples.
2. Make-up makes the zits go worse.
3. Eating cheese cause pimples.
4. Scrubbing the face hard would rid you of pimples.
5. Acne can be cleared by squeezing pimples.

All of the above are just myths and has nothing to do with pimples or acnes. They have been continuously talked with no scientific reasons.

There is a male hormone called as androgens that are found in both man and women that causes excess oil to build up in the body’s oil glands. Whiteheads and blackheads are caused when the oil and dead skin cells clog the glands. These may turn into red ad inflamed pimples due to the presence of bacteria. Thus hormone disorder is the primary cause of concern of acne and this is the reason why this is so often associated with the puberty. And to avoid them, one must take necessary amount of proper nutrition and vitamins and not be solely and largely dependent upon skin cares.

Acne could also be caused by some other factors also such as wrongly selected make-up and stress. If someone get acne and this is the reason for his stress, he must avoid stress as that would further build up the pimple.

Effective Acne Treatment & Acne Scar Treatment

The following steps and tips might be beneficial to anyone with acne problems

· Face must be washed regularly to avoid the secretion of excess oil and to remove make-up and other impurities.
· Face must not be touched with fingers and face must also not be leaned on objects that are prone to collect sebum and skin residue such as phone receiver.
· People who wear spectacles must clean them frequently to keep the pores around your eyes and nose clean of oil.
· Pillowcases, blankets and sheets must be clean often so that oil doe not build on them at sleeping hours.
· Tight clothes must be avoided as they would result in non-passage of air and that may also lead to irritation. Also, avoid caps, headbands and scarves, as they tend to capture oil.
· Let your hair be clean and properly combed so that they do not fall on your face to avoid oil.

And, above all, always remember that acne is caused by hormone disorders and the best way to avoid it is to have a properly, balanced and nutritive-rich diet which would erode any chances of acne.

There are numerous vitamins that are known to treat and nourish the skin and don’t use unhealthy and unnatural health care products as that would result in acne scars that take a long time to be completely wiped off. Acne medication is very important for the purpose of healing of acnes and acne scars.

Published: 2007-11-20
Author: Pushp Dutt

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