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What is online college education

online college education

What is Online College Education?

Many colleges and universities have begun offering online courses as part as their traditional college classroom curriculum. Some subjects which are offered are Math, Science, general electives, liberal arts, and Education. Some online colleges offer certifications and degrees up through a Doctorate in many of these specific fields. Depending on the online education format, some colleges will have the student sometimes attend in-person workshops or classes if any lab work or experiments need to be observed by the instructor.

An online college education requires students to attend and complete the same course work as if they were attending a traditional in-classroom college program. These schools are located all over the country and classes can be taken at any hour of the day. Many combine online classes, home study material, assignments that are required to be handed in by deadlines, and returned by the instructor, just like in classroom instruction. Communication is usually done through email and phone.

The original concept of an online college education was to be used as a supplement to the classroom lecturers that professors gave in the traditional college environment. Today, professors and students can communicate through many of the technologically options available like discussion boards, newsgroups, and email. Blackboard is a very well known program which allows students and teachers to communicate easily, as well as allows the entire class to be able to communicate with one another.

Advantages of Online College Education

College degrees online allows professors to post all their assignments and paperwork like the class syllabi, course outline, class schedule, and any missed or lost assignments. Because of this format, online college education makes the student responsible for their own success within their courses, as long as the instructor is consistent and posts everything and offers timely feedback.

Students and teachers find online education to be one of the easiest programs to adapt to. Online college courses can take the pressure and stress away of sitting in a classroom. Schools offer degrees in accounting and finance, healthcare management, human resources, management, or marketing. Online college education programs are designed to allow students at any age to be able to complete a degree when it is most convenient to them. Online college education programs can be taken 24 hours, 7 days a week and all is needed is a computer and an internet connection.

Some online college education programs, like a Masters degree, can be completed in quickly as 10 months. Many courses are 8 week sessions, beginning every Monday so no matter when you are ready; there is always a course available to you.

Specific, focused subject concentrations are offered as well as in-demand jobs. Besides just online degree programs, there are also on the job training programs for careers that only need certifications. For example, many Technology jobs are only looking for specific certifications when hiring an employee but the reality is, many adults cannot attend school full time and must work. Online college education allows employees to further their career by studying and attending classes when they can.

Many students know what they want to achieve and their goals are set before even beginning the program. Online colleges range from a two year, Associate degree school, all the way through Post-Doctorate; the options are endless!
Published: 2006-04-10
Author: Lisa Pearl

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