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What is your essence?

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After so many years of enjoyment, wasting money, having crushes, heartaches, jokes and happy moment of childhoods. The years have passed and now we are more mature. Let us now be concerned with the real world. Let us now be involved for the success of tomorrow. Let us now stands for ourselves and not depend forever on our parents. The real world is welcoming us, expecting our best and questioning you. Will you exist or exit? Or are you the one or the none? What will you choose? While you are reading this, visualize the things that will happen in your future. What do you expect…from yourselves? Life is difficult, full of trials and surprises. As the students tell me? What will you do to pass the trials of life?

As I can see nowadays, many parents and students are suffering from their work to satisfy their financial needs in school but the sad fact is, most are not concern about the future. They just care about themselves. They do not care for the feelings of their parents who is working so hard and going home late, encountering injuries or accidents for their children. They do not know that their parents are crying while they are in a spree and enjoying their friends. How could they give the best for their amorous relationship but give less for their parents?

These days, many students are graduating without even having much sense of their learning. In addition, many students are just attending their classes for attendance, cheating with their classmates, paying someone who will do their projects or thesis. Some only depend on their leaders in-group work. Also, many students choose the professors who are not effective. For them, the lazier the instructors are the better. They are just wasting their money for those kinds of professors. If all of these are the usual scenarios what will happen to our future? And our parents they have a lot of expectations on you.

Remember, students who never went through the hardship of scholastic life are merely deceiving their fellow. They are the people who are not prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. They do not know, what they need to do. Keep in your mind, whatever we take out of our college life we will take this when apply for work, which affects our future, dreams, etc. You must know that we can never hold for long something that we never really earned from the very beginning. Besides, its better to feel the excitement of receiving the diploma who earned labored much and patiently.

The road is long, complicated and full of trials, we should know how to take the first step until you go the distant and finish the race with full of confidence.

The real world needs us. God loves us by waking us for the new morning to change the errors of yesterday. Let us start now in our new world, new alma mater. We should improve for the better tomorrow. Let us now be responsible as students.

Always choose the better life. To my fellow students come on change the world for the better future.
Published: 2008-09-30
Author: angel puriran

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