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What it means to make life easier

Make Life Easier, Power of human mind


Man has always been trying to ease the burdens of life, from pre- historic times, right through the centuries. The earliest examples are the wheel, metallic objects, skin based apparel, and so on. Today we have gone towards the moon, mastered many aspects of nano-technology, unraveled the secrets of DNA and many more. But what is the crux of this eternal motion towards betterment. It is none else than the infinite desire of the human mind / nature, to excel, to improve and master all the elements of the universe, eventually meant to make life easier. Sometimes it is ironical, sometimes unbelievable, and sometimes true, that a finite man is possessed with such infinite prowess. This is both mystical and genuinely true.

* Life is meant to be lived, well, - afterall there is only ‘one’, and ‘one’ that belongs very much to oneself and none else.

* Babies, kids, teenagers and grown-ups all seem to live their lives, but for a moment think how many live well, - when we talk of well-being, it covers a host of things, very much exclusive to this or that segment.

* Babies’ diapers, prams, children’s schoolbags, teenagers’ convenience apparel, peoples’ daily-use gadgets from shaving kits to PDAs and modern networked items are all examples which make lives easier, - reason -some innovative feature which hitherto did not exist till the first release version. The convenient throwaway razor did not exist two decades ago, the immensely popular email messaging was unheard of just 10 years back, cellular phones weren’t even born during the last decade of the 20th century. But in each item the common thread is the undeniable fact that it has made life easier for man.

* The list is endless but there is a natural prioritization, which presents the most value, or the maximum comfort, or the best price, or something else that attracts. Each group or category has its own nuances, but of recent times most of these innovations that are perceived to make life easier, have a strong bias towards knowledge related features.

* Here application of technology and more specific digital technology seems to have taken a prime spot, not that other technologies are less inspiring or less important. Consider the digital read-out which forms part of any modern gadget, ranging from telephones, calculators, PDAs, micro ovens, electricity meters, - what an explosive measure of convenience – no guessing, no mistakes in reading and working and so on.

* This is the modern day where we cannot think of living without computers, be it in some form or the other, even the “computer-illiterate” if we could coin one such word, have to use computer assisted gadgetry in some form or the other, vending machines, ATMs, personal/character recognition technologies, all seem to make life easier for “MAN”

* In technical terminology, digitization/miniaturization seem to have an all pervading influence in making one’s life easier, and many critical disciplines have made significant contributions, - microelectronics, nano-technology, alternative synthetics, composite materials, and many more.

Life is made easier, better, more worthwhile, and to sum it up “Good”, in many many areas, covering food, healthcare, transport, housing and of course enjoyment and sports, by the influx of these modern technologies, but there is one factor that still beats or rather ticks “ The Indomitable spirit of the human mind to excel, to make life easier afterall” So long as mankind exists, the power of the human mind will always be able to do today, what was not possible yesterday, and improve it further tomorrow. Such is the potential capacity for Man as an individual and as a key player in the world of the past, present and beyond.

This is perhaps what has kept the world moving forward, even in spite of a host of negative things and people interested in stealth, war, oppression, and hurt. The human mind is destined to work towards making life easier and eventually a better world afterall.

Published: 2006-04-05
Author: S.Louisraj

About the author or the publisher
1.Worked in different disciplines,research,qualitysystems,plant management, and now as freelance writer for three years.
2.A qualified mechanical engineer with a postgraduate degree in management.
3.Do not work for a salary, but doing social service administion at a medical clinic.
4. Interests are Behavioural sciences, quality systems and mentoring.
5. Nearly 250 writing assignments done,covering reports,editorials,Powerpoint presentations.

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