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What Makes an Expert in Any Field Thick!

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An expert is simply somebody who is seen and agreed to be proficient in his discipline. He is not only an authority but an opinion leader as well. What then makes such person thick? What makes him to make more money than we do especially online? This article will spill the beans on the secrets of how to become an expert and command respect as much as he does.

In any endeavor, what separates the boys from the men is not far fetched. Like the old wise saying, “What an old man sees sitting down the young boy will not see standing up.” The expert will stack all odds in his favor why toiling and moiling at what he does.

The following traits are common in all experts and leaders alike.

1.An Expert Search and Research.
He always digs deeper in carrying out any assignment at hand. He is aware that all eyes are on him and therefore cannot afford to fail. Expert glean information from sources available to him and cross-check his information so as to come up with an authoritative one.
2.An Expert is always abreast with information in his industry.
If you are an expert and nobody comes to you for an update of what is happening in your industry it means you haven’t arrived yet. An expert is seen as “the-be-all-and-end-all” of the industry he belongs.
3.An expert’s views are sacrosanct in his field. He is outspoken and his authority is recognized and not in doubt.
4.An expert, by his leadership qualities, is voracious and omnivorous in learning new things. He is an avid reader of some sort. He is always holding the ace in his field. If he has not spoken nobody has spoken.
5.He works and liaises with master mind group and leverage on them to his own advantage. He knows when to speak. And like in William Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar”, when he speaks people are bound to say, “Peace ho! Caesar speaks.” And there will be silence.
6.He becomes sober when he needs crucial information from his subconscious mind. His subconscious mind is at his beck and call. When your subconscious is not working for you at your own will, you aren’t an expert yet.
7.An expert uses the benefit of foresight and hindsight at every given occasion. Where new things are to be done, he uses foresight. But when old things are to be done, he uses hindsight to do better.
8.An expert is pricey. Because of the quality of his work, product or service, he cannot but remain pricey. Quality is his middle name, believe me!
9.Like a true leader, an expert is charismatic. He knows when to call the shots. He is reserved if he chooses to but he is likable. His word is his bond. He listens and meticulous in what he says and do. He is painstaking.
10.An expert will always go an extra mile, have sleepless nights to ensure he achieve his goal(s) in record time. He is a problem solver. That is what makes him different. He will, most of the time, question the status quo. He believes there is always room for improvement. Complacency and mediocrity will never be found in his Dictionary of Success. In short he thinks differently most of the times. He will never be lost with the crowd. He enjoys his work and he is never deterred by problems. Instead he thrives on them. What you think is his overnight success has taken long-drawn nights of sacrifices and denials.
11.An expert keeps journals, clippings for future reference. The brain like a computer is a storehouse of information. And not to loose information like a needle in a hay sack, an expert organizes his journals for easy accessibility and retrieval. It makes him seem super intelligent when he uses words, phrases, makes references, draws analogies, makes deductions, and so on.

Now if you dream wealth and fame, if you abhor complacency and mediocrity, if you love the respect and recognition of leaders and experts, then take up your gauntlet and “Be the First and the Best” in your field. Do the above!

You Will Excel!
Published: 2007-04-28
Author: Oseremen Aigbokhae

About the author or the publisher
I am a Multi-Disciplinary Business Consultant and Writer. I have a degree in Accounting with an upward of twelve (12) years working experience. My email:

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