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What you know


Life is like a coin with two sides,it has the good side of GOD and the bad side of the devil.

God and devil has different functioning mechanism ,which without missing words are opposite in nature,the case is like this;while GOD uses angels for assignment the devil uses agent,when GOD manifest plans the devil manipulate plans,when GOD uses miracle as a tool the devil uses magic and when GOD uses knowledge to empower humans,the devil uses ignorance to fight mankind.

Ignorance is the back bone of the devil's trouble to mankind,it is a dark cloud over humanity,it is the greatest mountain to mankind,the blind spot that blind fold and lead generation into a pit of destuction,the monster that kill away dreams,that is because in life you are the product of what you know,it is so simple,if you don't know you will be low,life is not about size or muscular build up,it is about what you know(knowledge).

It might amaze you to know that those that win bout are not the most muscular, but the most knowledgeable in their you will always know the size of goliath has nothing to do with the success of young david,neither does the age of menthuselar has anything to do with the wisdom of king solomon,all this happen, because there are secrets that david and solomon knows about their GOD, that was far from the duo of menthuselar and goliath. Life is not about how strong or physical a man is, but how much a man knows to change his world.Men of wealth are not always muscular in body built, but they are in their knowledge,they are no magician,their wealth is no mystery,they only put their knowledge to work and rule their world.
Let no one shy away from the truth ,if you know better you will do better,success is a delibrate attempt,it does not just happen,it comes when you knowingfully strategize plans to excel.

What you know put money in your pocket and food on your table,like the bible says the gift of a man will make a way for him and a man gift is what the person knows,so don't just sit down and expect manners to fall from heaven,don't be foolish to sleep,slumber and toy with time because they all lead to poverty.

so i admonish you to go in search for knowledge and do better than your mate,if deligent enough you can multiply and excel beyound your own imagination.

This is no fairy tale those that are excelling do not have two heads,neither are they finer than you ,but what they have done is killing ignorance and embracing knowledge,a product of GOD,so go start acquiring knowledge now,don't stop,don't look back until you have filled yourself with knowledge,then be rest assured that you are the next world celebrity.
Published: 2008-09-08
Author: igbinosa ikponmwosa

About the author or the publisher
am a new writer,how try to be poetic to add beauty to article especially essays,i can write on any topic

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