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What Youtube Clone Script Can Do For Your Website!

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In this Internet era any information you look for is available readily at your finger tip. You can catch up with friends, chat, play games, get to know new people, socialize, bank, shop, watch videos, and do just about anything online. Thanks to internet, there has been a substantial growth in the popularity of blogs, forums, social networking sites, and other similar interactive pages in the last couple of years.

Gone are the days when one had to rely on DVD to share something with friends. Today all thanks to the websites with video sharing feature, you no longer have to worry about having missed out on any important event of your near and dear ones! The video sharing option of many social networking sites like Youtube is its biggest traffic puller feature. Any user can upload videos clips onto these websites that provide video hosting services and the clips can be viewed by anyone with internet access, anywhere in the world.

Thanks to the readymade Youtube clone script available on the Internet, today you don’t need to have broad technical expertise to own a website like Youtube.
The providers of these Youtube clone software have made it easy to install and use. All you have to do is buy Youtube clone script, follow the step by step instructions for installation and you can have your own Youtube clone website up and running in no time. Some Youtube clone script providers also offer the provision of showcasing your own clone script. All you need to do is to submit your clone script to the concerned sites and in no time you will see more traffic coming your way.

Apart from uploading and viewing videos, this Youtube clone will bring a whole lot of revenues for your website. The benefits of using Youtube clone scripts are briefly discussed below:

• Members can upload, manage and share their own media files.
• Connect with other members and subscribe to their media channel
• Members can create groups, share their media files, and create a community within your community around their interests. Groups can also be set to private so only friends get access.
• Visit other users’ profiles, leave comments, view their favourite media and make new friends
• Private message friends and/or other members
• Private Media - Ability to create private groups so your uploaded files are only shared with friends
• Video commenting system that will bring your community to life

There are a few tricks which help you increase your website traffic by using Youtube clone.

Try offering users an incentive to upload videos, this will indeed increase participation. Not necessarily monetary prize, it could be in form of offer of being featured on the homepage of your website for a limited period of time. Even if you get two- three more video uploads a week, it’s a success.

Youtube clone allows editing your upload file to allow adding a video to only one channel. The benefit is that search engine won’t pick your content as duplicate since it’s added in a single channel.

Motivate users to write long tail descriptions that are relevant to the videos. Youtube clone script provides upload.tpl file for this purpose. These descriptions help in search engine indexing.
Published: 2008-10-16
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