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Where to Find Art Jewelry

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What is art jewelry?

Art jewelry is "wearable art" or "art to wear." There are many artists who along with paintings and sculptures make jewelry. This jewelry is referred to as "art jewelry."

Art jewelry can be made from all kinds of materials from silks to beads to wire to silver, gold and copper.

If you're a buyer interested in buying art jewelry, if you're a collector interested in collecting art jewelry, if you're an artist interested in making art jewelry, or if you're an artist-teacher interested in teaching others how to make art jewelry, then we suggest that you subscribe first to Art Jewelry Magazine. This magazine can be found online at:

At this website you can also learn the basic techniques of making art jewelry. These basic techniques can be found at:

Their art jewelry gallery can be found at:

If you would like to join their art jewelry forum, including gaining ideas for marketing your own art jewelry, then go to:

There are forum subjects on: seed beads, polymer clay, art glass beads, shaping wire, metal clay, metalsmithing and other of the traditional techniques for making art jewelry.

If you're interested in submitting articles to Art Jewelry Magazine, go to:

There are also guidelines for submitting your own art jewelry to their gallery.

Start Your Own Art Jewelry Gallery

If you'd like to start your own art jewelry gallery online, first you need to have a website. However, study some of the online galleries of the other art jewelry. Here you can find links to art jewelry galleries worldwide:

Here are some other websites:

Study these websites and take notes. These should give you some examples of how you can set up your own art jewelry website online.

For lessons on making your own jewelry go to:
You can also use this website to set up your own art gallery, including art jewelry gallery online:

For supplies for making jewelry go to:

For more information about jewelry making go to:
For a free jewelry making newsletter and how to sell your art from home information go to:
If you're an artist interested in making fine custom-made handcrafted jewelry, these are a few websites that you should study. Here you find information on design techniques, how to sell, how to set up your own online gallery, etc. Interested in "wearable art" or "art to wear." Want to buy this type of art? Collect this type of art? Create this type of art? Think Art Jewelry.
Published: 2006-04-23
Author: The Bookstore

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