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Which black and white bedding right for your bedroom?

black and white bedding

Great choice for any decor

Black and white bedding is a wonderful choice for just about any bedroom décor. The stark contrast of this classic combination is striking and it can be used in a number of ways. If you are thinking about making a grand change to your bedroom decorating ideas then you may want to look into your options in black and white bedding.

Adding any color you want

Some may think that this combination just doesn’t offer enough color. However, black and white bedding makes for a fantastic focal point in the room. You can add any other color that you want in the mix and you are guaranteed to love the results. Consider some of the different combinations that you can make.

Red walls

Black and white bedding looks classically elegant against bold, red walls. While this bedroom decorating idea is purely for the brave at heart, I have yet to see a bedroom completed in this combination of colors that I didn’t like.

Red accessories

You do want to choose a larger room for the red walls because you may find that a small room will seem even smaller with darker walls. If you have a smaller room, you can still embrace the color combination but you will want to take a different approach. You may want to use red accent pillows or a red headboard rather than painting the walls.

White or black accent

Another thing to consider when choosing black and white bedding is which color you want to dominate. Do you want a white set with black detailing or do you want a white set with black accents? One choice will be vastly different than the other so you do want to consider your design before making a decision.

Big room with white walls

Let’s say that you have a huge room with white walls. You really don’t want to paint the walls any other color. Some would suggest getting black and white bedding that is predominantly black. However, this may make your bed look awkwardly small for the space. Choosing a white base with large, black patterns would be a better choice.

Small room with white walls

However, if you have a small room with white walls, you have more choice. Black and white bedding that is predominately black will make the bed appear smaller so it won’t overwhelm the space. A white set with black accents will help the bed blend into the wall making it appear less prominent.

Choose carefully

As you can see, there are plenty of things to consider when adding black and white bedding to your space. A carefully chosen set will do wonders for your bedroom décor.

I hope this article brings you light in choosing a black and white bedding.
Published: 2007-09-18
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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