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Which underwater camera to choose?

underwater camera

Only underwater camera can get wet

There are many great things you can do with a camera, but for the most part, you can not get your camera wet. That means that taking photos underwater is next to impossible unless you get a special underwater camera. Though not everyone will have a need for one of these, they are great if you spend time in the water, and often see things that you would like to take home as a memory. When buying one though, read the details so you know what you are buying.

Check out the depth the camera can go to

Most use an underwater camera for fun. They may be people who like to go scuba diving, and they wish to capture what they see underwater. Others might use them for more practical uses. They may be people who work with waterways and work with the environment. Either way, the underwater camera that is needed will be one that can take the pressure of the water. If you go too far down into the water, the camera might not hold up.

Water resistant or water proof? Film or digital?

Some cameras say they are water resistant rather than waterproof. It probably depends on the depth. This is when the specifications of the camera come into play. Each different underwater camera can go to different depths before the water pressure is too high and the water may get into the camera, or it might even self destruct. Finding out the depth is important before buying. Most of this type that are film can not be loaded underwater for obvious reasons, so remember that when deciding if you want film, or if you would like to have a digital type for your underwater explorations.

Going to a camera store or looking on the internet?

Buying an underwater camera might be a bit tougher than finding a regular one. You may have to go to a camera store to find them, or you may have to look online. If you look around on the Internet, you will see a wide range of underwater camera from which you can choose. You might go for something simple that just takes snap shots, or you can choose something that takes video and has a great lighting system with it. It is all dependent on what you want to do with your camera and how much you really have to spend on something like this. Something as simple as color might be important, so remember that when you buy. Get a color that sticks out so you can find your camera when you drop it, and that is very likely to happen.
Published: 2007-10-10
Author: Isabelle Chartrand

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