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Which way the world is going?

corruption, crisis, changes

Corruption, now, seem to be fanfare and a privileged headline of every newspaper of the world. Either the govt. is condemned as corrupt or only PM. Demonstrations against govt. are experienced almost by half of the world countries. Currently, Thailand is under its sway. Ethnic crisis are also prevalent. All are working for their benefits. The matter starts by grouping of some people with common interests. Ethnic rises are in the case of Tamil tigers who claim their separate portion. Maoist’s revival and clashes with India are in revenge of the disparity towards farmers and tribal landless people.

Corruption charges and ethnic cleansing are now the main actors. Attempt for bailing out world from financial crises are continued. Under that attention, other conflicts have put heads up just like a snake after hibernation.

All departments need revival. There is a need for structural transition and reformation. Economic revival is warranted due to financial meltdown. Political reformers are necessary because current political force is going to be paralyzed in case of rising scenarios. Cultural changes are going to protect from clash of civilization, if allowed. Religious attention is the utmost requirement because it is the main source of exploitation. By religion exploitation certain harsh activities are moving on, just like in Pakistan where extremists are demanding Islamic laws to be practiced in northern and NWFP areas. In reality, they are just using Islamic names and want to pursue their own needs and demands having fundamentalist benefits.

Violence against women is aggravating. Yearly more and more cases are enrolled about distressed women. Last day elimination of violence day announced internationally shows mainly public awareness that to put hands together for its elimination.

These are only some topics or issues touched from the world conflicting list. Work out plans, make strategies at domestic and international level, play organizational role, forestall mistakes and grievances and do your duty is the message for the globe.

Published: 2009-04-28
Author: Nida. Saeed.

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