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Who said Women can't ride motorcycles?

Learning the safe way for riding a motorcycle

(You must be prepared if you want to ride a Motorcycle. The right gear is very important to be able to enjoy riding.)

Today as never before men and women of all ages are enjoying the sport of Motorcycling as they discover the exhilarating sense of freedom and pleasure it offers. There are still women who have never rode a motorcycle. Some may fear them or simple because they don’t own one. Motorcycling presents an intimidating image. They are noisy and dangerous, critics say, but women who may fear should understand that if you constantly are conscious of the risk involved in motorcycling you are likely to be a more defensive, cautious, safe driver. It is a challenging, liberating, and exciting hobby and motorcycling characterized by its abusers or by its negative aspects. A motorcycle used maturely and properly, poses no threat to life, limb, or environment.

Let us go back to the year 1886 when the motorcycle was first discovered. Then in the 20s to the 40s motorcycles were used in war for they were a dependable piece of equipment, as well as quick, and quite different in size, making it easier to get around. Throughout the 1960s and 70s the motorcycle industry has continued its growth and development. Today, sleek, and energetic motorcycles are available in a large variety of sizes, designed for every conceivable two-wheeling pleasure.

Though the pains of the economic and social upheaval, it has persisted as a means of practical locomotion and therapeutic benefit for men and women of all walks of life. And in the eyes of a growing number of people, it’s future looks very bright.Anyone who has ever rode a motorcycle will always tell you how enjoyable they are.

Motorcycle rallies are known across the world, raising money for good causes.The Isle of man Tourist Trophy Victory staged by the Auto-Cycle union since 1907 in the world’s oldest and its mountain road-racing course since 1911, is the world’s most famous. Throughout the year local clubs and organizations all over the world have their own international road-racing meetings. The Federation

Internationale du Motorcyclisme calendar shows over a hundred such events. In the United States there is a woman’s motorcycle club called: “Dust-n-Powder”, open to any woman who is interested in goals such as, supporting women in motorcycling, to attract more women into motorcycling and to create a more positive image of motorcycling by developing better communication between the general public and the motorcycle world.

There are several kinds of motorcycle racing which is known across the world. There are speedway, moto-cross, drag-racing, road-racing, and dirt track racing. This was a great bobby and still is.

When once you have learned to ride a motorcycle it will leave you with a feeling you will never forget. Remembrances of the freedom and enjoyments will stay with you for the rest of your life. The views and opening of the world around

you as you pass it by with a smile, while the wind dances in your face, will leave an unexplainable feeling that only those who have had the chance to ride, can tell.

But riding a motorcycle and riding it safely are two different things. A motorcycle demands great deal more from it’s rider than an automobile does from it’s driver. That is why it is important to buy one you can handle for a motorcycle presents challenges of responsibility, judgment, and skill. It is not always a good deal that gives you a good bike unless you are buying a new one. Buying a second hand one is when you have to make sure what you are buying. Evaluating the machine’s degree of wear, maintenance, and market value should be your most important judgment. It also helps to have a knowledgeable friend.

A good safety rule is wearing proper gear when riding. The more insulation you have between yourself and the ground (rocks or other cars) the better are your chances of survival. The proper riding gear for motorcycles can mean the difference between life and death, and to wear well chosen riding clothes can add immensely to your enjoyment.

To appreciate fully the value of proper riding gear you do not have to be on the brink of death. An insert sting or a blister can be very annoying and to avoid this, wear gloves. Warm flexible and strong leather gloves protect your hands from blisters and the weather as well as keeping your skin intact as you slide along the ground.

Surgeons tell us that the area of the human body hardest to reconstruct after
injury, is the hand.

The head should also be well protected. Heavy impact on an improperly fitted helmet can conceivably cause worse damage than that sustained by an unprotected head.

Choose a helmet that fits closely to your head as possible if you are buying one for physical protection.

Footwear is also important. You must wear proper boots for motorcycles are hard on ankles and skin. You only need to have an obstinate engine kick back one through the start pedal to convince you of the importance of good arch protection. Something that will withstand intense exposure to the elements. Offer maximum foot and leg protection, and last a long, long time is what you would need.

A riding suit is important apparel for the rider. Something comfortable and protecting can save you from elements, bugs, the weather, or even if you fall down on your bike. Any discomfort can easily distract your attention from the duties of keeping your bike upright and on the road. Without the proper clothing as well as a proper well working motorcycle, motorcycling can be a miserable experience.

So be careful when you out-fit yourself for riding that you don’t buy improper gear or a machine not prepared for the road because your safety means a lot.

Motorcycling is a very enjoyable hobby and a pleasure we all should take advantage of.

If you are interested in what some women think about riding a motorcycle, go to your nearest library and ask for the book, ‘How to Be Sexy With Bugs In Your Teeth’.

It’s a motorcycling manual for women and very interesting. Published by, Contemporary Books, and written by, Trisha Yeager.

It’s true women, we can enjoy the pleasure of riding a motorcycle and riding it safely.
Published: 2007-06-03
Author: Marlene Amero

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I am a published writer. I took a course on Short story writing and Jounralism. Very good marks in Jounralism. I have received awards for poetry. Marlene Amero

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