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Wholesome and Comfortable Bedding from

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Wholesome and comfortable bamboo charcoal bedding could give you a sound sleep.

Everyone wishes to have sound sleep every night. It is undoubted that comfortable bedding can contribute to have a good sleep for people. Bamboo charcoal bedding such as bamboo charcoal pillow, cushion and quilt is not only comfortable but also wholesome. The bamboo charcoal in the bamboo charcoal bedding could produce infrared which is wholesome for people. It has been confirmed that when shined by infrared, the temperature of skin and some organization below skin will raise, vas expands, the speed of blood accelerates, the quantity of oxygen contained in blood raises, blood circulation and the process of metabolism accelerate. Except the wholesome function mentioned above, bamboo charcoal is able to effectively absorb the gas of carbon dioxide and ammonia gas, perspiration and body odor due to its strong absorbability. Bamboo charcoal also produces minus ion that is a gas ion with minus charge in the air forming in clear condition.
China suppliers from can provide customers with high-quality bamboo charcoal bedding.

China suppliers from provide customers with high-quality bamboo charcoal bedding. Due to its strong absorbability, bamboo charcoal textile do the functions mentioned above such as producing wholesome infrared and absorbing sweat. Bamboo charcoal bedding from have long-term effect of anti-bacteria and sterilization because the bamboo charcoal textile is added Nano-silver component. Apart from these wholesome functions bamboo charcoal bedding feels soft and cool.

China suppliers from can offer bamboo charcoal tea set and bamboo charcoal.

China suppliers from provide customers with bamboo charcoal mug that made after fired in high temperature by introducing nano- composite material. The mug is also wholesome for people. It has been accredited by SGS that the bamboo mug has no toxic materials. Besides, the bamboo charcoal mug from has anti-bacteria and deodorant effect because nano-technology is used in the process of manufacture. Nano bamboo charcoal can release minus ions and remove the chlorine in water to produce mineral water. Except bamboo charcoal products China suppliers from also provide bamboo charcoal. The functions of bamboo charcoal have been elaborated above. High-quality bamboo charcoal from can be used to manufacture textile, cosmetics, water purification and so on. Bamboo charcoal can be used directly to absorb the toxic gas in the newly decorated houses. Bamboo charcoal will be used more and more widely as people pay attention to the pollution of environment for bamboo is a kind of green material.

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Published: 2008-05-12
Author: ellie

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