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Why can't we be more humane in our approach to God?

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It is a sin to be born. it is a greater sin to be religious. It is the greatest sin to aspire for realisation, or salvation or enlightenment or the religions put it.

Before you dismiss me as crank and a nut, please bear with me. Swami Dayananda Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj, chalked out his own path of discovery when he discovered thelimitation of ritual worship.according toa contemporary account, as a boy he was
dragged to a temple to observe Sivarathri, the birthday of Lord Siva.tradition holds that one should eschew sleep and get engrossed in loud chantings called bhajans or similar religious exercises till daybreak. Easier said than done. The boy found the fathersnoring awayand the priest too dozing.that was themoment when a mouse made away with the offerings placed before the deity.Dayananda(he had a different name then)woke up his father and queried how the Lord could be omnipotent when he could not protect his own property.there was no satisfactory answer.

The Lord is credited with all thearts under the sun.all the finer aspects oflife too could be traced to that source. How then do religious practices lack lightness? there is a differenvce between levity and humour. The latter is welcome andmost mystics and saints have exhibited this trait in their lives. The followers, alas, are more loyal. they wear grim expressions, think outercleanlinessis everything, pass off appearances as the real ting and foist the same ontheir flock.Divinity, all traditions hold, is beyond all that is known. This comes in handy for the socaled apostles of god .Theirs is theonly path.others are sinful .it is time that religion is injected with a sense of humour. Yes, we should pursue our goal seriously, but does that mean we cannot laugh at ourselves? And who brought us to this state? By our becoming, we lost our BEING.are we to blame for it?
Published: 2007-11-18
Author: self

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am well versed in all things that matter, and keep myself updated. knowledge, I feel, is a burden and need to be shared. Thisis the minimum duty of a human being.

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