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Why David was not justified Killing Goliath

marriage issue, reward, price, messiah

David demanded for a reward before killing the Goliath; this was a gross offence; consequently, he must pay back the reward in a similar situation and circumstance in the New Testament over marital issue(1 Samuel chapter 17)

Jephtan who demanded for a reward before he fought the Lord’s battle to save Isreal cost him his only daughter(Juges chapter 11 to 12).

David’s brother were in the army of Isreal fighting along side with King Saul to deliver Isreal from her ememies without demanding a reward. In Isreal not everyone that goes to battle returns alive beginning from the days of Moses and Joshua even though they conquered their enemies.(Deut. Chapter 20).

Prophet Samuel had already ordained David as a king of Isreal which must come to pass at the appointed time. Joseph was ordained as a leader among his brethen and was brought out of prision to become a ruler in Egypt where all his breathen went and bow to him.

He did not demand for a reward before he interpreted Pharaoh’s dream but was made a ruler without the expectation of Joseph being a prisoner. Moses did not demand for a reward from the elders of Isreal when God gave him the staff of signs and wonders before he brought the people of Isreal out of bondage in Egypt.

Prophet Daniel interpreted the King’s Dream and the hand writing on the wall without demanding a reward and was made one of the chief rulers of Babylon.

Then why must little David demand for a reward before he fought the Goliath? Yes, King Saul promised such a reward to pay whosoever that kills the Goliath, it was not right for David to insist on that promise as a pre-condition of him going to fight the giant knowing that God was with him. David went on confirming from several others to an extend his elder brother rebuked him yet he went on inquiring and finally heard from King Saul who then wore him his armor but could not move freely because it was to heavy on him.

David being a man of great faith knew that God will deliver the giant into his hand as he delivered him from the lions and the bears that came up to attack his flocks which he killed in the field.

The battle line was drawn up and he and the giant met face-to-face in the presence of all Israel and David who was an expert of the sling he used on other birds and animal as a boy while he was in the filed who then applied it on the giant as his only long range weapon because he could not confront him on a close combant. The giant was well armed whose armour covered all over his body except his forehead. So David target the forehead and God directed the stone to strike at the target and it sung deep into his foreheard and the giant fell down like a big log of wood. Then David took the Goliath sword and cut off his head. Immediately the Phlistines flew and the armies of Isreal pursued and killed them with the edge of the sword and Isreal became victorious.

David retuned with the armies of Israel carrying the head of the Goliath and his sword and the women singing, ‘Saul has slain his thousands, David his ten thousands” and King Saul was displeased at that song for rating little David higher than himself.

The head of the goliath was placed on a platter so that the blood did not drop on the floor of the beautiful palace of King Saul and presented to the King with the sword of the Goliath in order to get his reward which David eyed from the beginning. The reward was that David will mary his dautgher and his family will be exempted from tax payment. So he will become the King’s Son-In-Law. The king’s words were irrevocalble who must confirmed his words on receipt of the platter of Goliath’s head with his sword.

Yet, King Saul saw David as his rival, one who is to take over from him and was informed that already he was anointed by Prophet Samuel, the very prophet who anointed him and they can see the hand of God on David.

From that time on, he plot to kill David. Now David demanded his wife from King Saul as being one of his pre-condition for fighting for Israel and it appeared that Saul was not interested to make him his Son-In-Law instead gave him another dangerous tax by asking David to go and bring one hundered foreskins of the Phlilistines before giving his daughter to him in marriage. David did not give-up even though he was King Saul Armour Bearer; yet went with some soldiers and broke into the camp of the Philistines and killed two hundered of them and cut off their foreskins and was counted before King Saul in his Palace and the number was double. He taught King David would die in the act of fighting the Philistines because God was with him so he did not die.

Then King Saul gave him one of his daughters by name Michal against his will. However, as his hatred for David increased every day; he sought to kill him even when David was on bed with his daughter but narrowly escaped through the window and never returned home and Jonathan the son of King Saul became his trusted friend who save his life in those days.

As David escaped into the wilderness living in caves wandering from one wilderness to another, his wife was taken away and be given over to another man.
After the death of King Saul, Abner who was King Saul's Commander came to him and requesting that he should accept to become the King of Isreal but he said to Abner “I will not see your face again until you return my wife Michal the duagther of Saul whom I bethrowed to my self with one hundered foreskins of the Philistines”.

He also sent message to Ishboseth who went and took Saul daughter from her former husband and was brought to David as his wife. She was the one who looked at David through the window and saw him dancing with all his strenght before the Lord when he was brought the Ark of the Lord to Jerusalem as a result the Lord shut her womb from child bearing because she insulted the Lord's aniointed.

For details see, 1 Samuel chapter 17 to 18 and 2nd Samuel chapter 6.

Here we conclude the story about David and Goliath in the Old Testament scriptures; we shall go over to the New Testament to see what he suffered under a similar circumstance as a repercussion when he re-appeared as John the Baptist from a Levite family as the deputy of the Messiah who came as a refiner in his first assignment in the New Testament according to the prophecy of Malachi chapter 3.

King David came as John the Baptist in the very spirit and power of Elijah to prepare the way of the Messiah being his deputy, who had ministered as Prophet Elijah of old and he was expected to prepare the way of the Messiah. King David said “ all my members were written in the volume of their book” being the deputy Messiah beginning from the time he came as Jacob called “Israel” as the forerunner of Judah the King Messiah(Psalms 40:6-7 RSV); for more details, read my articles on ‘The Bible/ King David photgraph…’

In the New Testament he came like one of the old prophets appearing in the same likeness of Elijah. Elijah was dressed in a hairy garment so he did as John the Baptist. Elijah lived in a cave, so he did. He appeared to be uncompromising and very wild teacher and that was the nature of Elijah of old. This time he has a price to pay being the very King David of old; therefore Jesus said, ‘ among all those born of women none is greater than John the Baptist and he was far more than a prophet being the deputy Messiah.

In the Old Testament, he was exalted to the throne of Israel as a King who beheaded the Goliath in order to become the King- Son-In-Law using the head of the Goliath for an exchange and for his reward as a pre-condition of fighting the giant, Therefore he priced the free gift of God first before he fought the Goliath as a reward. Therefore his own head too will be priced now as a reward and for an exchange right in the King’s palaace too under marital situation. This was the circumstance and situation he found himself(Job 34:8-9).

Question: Now what happened to him ?

Answer: He rebuked Queen Herodias the wife of King Heroid on marital issue just for the fact that before he was exalted to the throne of Israel he was engaged in marital affair in other to become the king Son-In-Law for an exchange of the head of the Goliath which he beheaded as pre-condition.

Question: What happen between him and Herodias?

Answer: He was sentenced to prison for insulting Queen Herodias publicly because she was the wife of Philip Heroad’s brother and was an abomination to marry her husband's brother just for the fact that he was a king.

Question: While he was in prison, did the Messiah attempt to save him?

Answer: The Messiah Jesus also taught that it was a sin for one not visiting prisoners who said “On that day, I will say unto you. I was in Prison but you did not visit me….”. So this is one of the evidence to prove that he visited his forerunner – one who baptized him; so he set an example for others to follow although this was not stated clearly in the New Testament gospel.

Another evidence is that John who confessed to the crow that he was the Messiah, later doubt of his Messiahship just for the fact that he could not save him from the prison when he visited him despite the signs and wonders he had performed. Therefore after Jesus left the prison, John sent two of his disciples to confirm if actually he was the Messiah or they should expect another and Jesus was not pleased for seeing John doubted of his Messiahsip because he was unable to release him from the Prison being his Master as at that time.

At this point it is very evidence that the Apostles did not disclose his inability of releasing John from the hand of King Hearod which made John doubted him of his Messiahship. However, there are two witnesses of this account. The accient Roman Government has their own record about John the Baptist case and the intervention of the Messiah for his release but was not disclosed in the record of the Apostle so that future believers do not have doubt over Christ Messiahship as John the Baptist did.

Another evidence is that Jesus later said (after John’s disciples who came with the message left) from the days of John the Baptist uptil now, the kingdom of God suffered violence and the men of violence took it by force..(Mat. 11:1-17). Then on their returing from the mount of transfiguration, Jesus said, "Truly, Elijah must come first and is to restore all things; I tell you Elijah has come but they knew him not but did to him whatsoever the pleased; so also the Son of Man will suffer in their hands” Then the disaples understood that he was referring to John the Baptist (Mat 17:1-end).

The last statement he made implies that he was unable to save John the Baptist so it was written that he will pass away in that way; therefore he also will pass away from the hands of those Jews in that manner and while Jesus was hung on the cross he was asked to save himself because he save others (both those that are sick and the deads including the resurrection of Lazurus his friend)and some even said that he was calling Elijah to come and save him.

Question: How was the marital case between John the Baptist and queen Herodias ended up?

Answer: While John was still in the Prison, King Heroad organized a birthday party and invited some personalities of the royal house who flooded the whole palace and were eating and drinking and his daughter born to him by Queen Herodias was a good dancer who entertained the visitors and she danced very well and the King was very pleased and at the end of her show, he said to her,” Ask anything, I will give unto you”; she did not know what to ask so went and ask her mother Herodias who told her that she should demand the head of John the Baptist(the very King David of old) and she made known her request to her Father King Heroad who was actually afraid of John the Baptist because the people all around took him to be a great prophet so he did not want to kill him but since he had already asked her to demand anything and he was going to do it to please her, could not revoke his statement so he ordered and cut off the head of John the Baptist for a price and for her reward. So John the Baptist known as King David, the very Deputy Messiah’s heads was cut off under such situation and circumstance just for a reward and his head was placed on a platter and was presented to the King in his royal palaace who then presented to his daughter as a gift and as her reward for dancing well. Then his disciples came and took his corpse and buy him.

Therefore King David's head now called John the Baptist was cut off for a reward due to marital issue just as he cut off the head of the Goliath for marital issue and became the King-Son-In-law as his pre-condition of beheading the giant in the days of old.(Job 34:10-12 & Mat 14:1-12 ).

King Solomon too being the Son of God also had similar experienced beginning from the time of his birth till when he grew up in the New Testament. Watch out details from the old to the New Testament also as a further proof of his Messiahship in the New Testament.

Published: 2006-09-20
Author: Goodnews Adolphus

About the author or the publisher
Goodnews Adolphus is the Pricipal Consultant of G. Delcan Interantional Services, a Christain religious Writer, a Diploma holder in International Trade and Finance and full member of the Institute of Management Consultants of Nigeria

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