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Why do we exist?

Religious Books, Thought

The reason we are here is enjoy and discover life, rather the worry over it, one thing I can especially tell you we are not here for is to read books telling us what to believe, and yes I speak of the Bible, the Koran, all religious books, telling you what you should praise, and what you should love.

The bible has great morals, as do many religious scriptures, teaching us good and fair ways to live, but and there is always a but, we have to see the underlining beauty of our world, on our own terms, rather then allowing someone to make us see it through another pair of eyes.
I see far too much hatred in a world set on the moral of peace, if I asked the UN and everyone in it what they aimed for in the world all would say peace on earth, yet so many of these nations cause the opposite of this, I speak of the USA, The UK Africa, all nations, spread fear in a world, frankly craving peace, and most of all love.
I think we exist to argue, and try, mainly in vain to find a system of perfection, a utopium, as well as to prove ourselves, I believe that the classic ideal of having to prove to yourself and those around you, is what fuels war, conflict, and the murders we see in the street of a dark city or rural village, it is this that fuels the so called evil in society, it is wrong and unjust to kill, as it is to rob, rape, and cause mayhem, this comes naturally, but we did not see this in eras beforehand, oh no then we had civilized little meetings in fields where two teams merely shot each other.

So people of this world, throw down your magazines, pick up books, read them, and learn and make judgements, based on your perceptions, do not allow me, or any other, tell you what need be.
Published: 2007-02-12
Author: David Fitchett

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