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Why I want to be a Writer?


Literature is the most potent weapon of expression which we have. Starting from wall -paintings and pictographs, writing evolved in a manner which can be called astaunding. The aim of the writer initially was very confined, but with the advancement of cultures and civilizations, writers took the role of historians, philosphers, revolutionaries, teachers and artists. And in their myriad roles, they have produced the greatest impact on the intellectual and ethical plane of human existence.

Apart from the basic requirements of food and procreation, man has always craved for other things like religion, social norms, political systems, moral values and recreation. And writers have been solely responsible for moulding these facets.

Could we know about the Egyptians if the Pharos had not employed writers to register the important happenings in hieroglyphics? Could we think of moral values gaining universal acceptance without the writings of Plato and Seneca? Could religion take the world in its stride if religious books had not been written down? Could we think of French revolution without the writings of Voltair and Rousseau? Could we think of labour laws but for the writings of Karl Marx and Lenin? Could Hitler instil a sense of pride and nationalism in the Germans if he had not written Mein Kamf? Could we make laws against untouchability if writers like Premchand had not painted its ugly usage in his writings? Could India attain its freedom if the press had not moulded public opinion in favour of liberty, both here and in Britain?

What I mean to say is that without writers, this world would have been savage and primitive. Science may give us luxurious lifestyle, rockets and missiles and knowledge about Mars but it can't make a Mother Teresa or a Dr. Carver. All the humane qualities have been painstakingly instilled by the social reformers , religious gurus and philosophers, who, in turn have been writers, giving a concrete shape to their thoughts. If this world is likened to a physical body, then writers are the soul, and as Goethe has tried to prove in Dr Faustus,a body bereft of a soul is dead and meaningless, however beautiful , rich or famous it may be.

Hence I want to be a writer I know that I can't be as successful as the writers I have named, but I will certainly try to contribute my part, howsoever trifle or negligible it may be! Besides I possess the qualities to be a writer. I have very original ideas on every issue, and I can write in favour of or against any given topic with equal dexterity. Also I have a good command over language and a good insight into the behavioural pattern of people at large; the compulsions and motivations which tinges their outlook and deeds, be it politicians, bureaucrats, cinestars or the common citizens. May be, someday, like Dickens, my writings can ignite reformatory measures! Above all, I have great perseverance, and no failure can deter me in any degree. Fate, obviously I can't ignore, but, because it is invisible and beyond human control, so it is sheer madness pondering over it! I staunchly believe in the doctrine of non-attached action preached in the Gita. I am still lacking in many things, for which, fortunately I can fall back upon your advice and suggestions.
Published: 2009-06-01
Author: Anju misra

About the author or the publisher
I am a student of law and also a English language trainer running an own brandname chain of training institutes as "British Linguistics". I have a passion of writing with related expertise and can write in many fields.

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