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Why It is Wise to Invest in the Arts

arts and entertainment

Arts are talents and if you are talented in any kinds of arts, it is always wise to exploit your talents to the maximum Your talents are your property and they are your tools in fighting in the ups and downs in your everyday life .It doesn’t matter whether you will be doing it at home as a work at home job in the evenings when you come back from work but the thing is that if you are talented in any of the arts, it is wise to invest in them in one way or the other .You can’t just let your talents to decay inside you without exploiting them yet you don’t even have an activity to do for an in come in the name of the many excuses that any one can give . I.e. perhaps you don’t have a job even or perhaps your income is too small yet you can raise it by trying your hand in any of your talents. It doesn’t make sense.

Every country in this world has its own employment problems and Africa is the worst at all this problems. Getting formal employment is really a big problem to most of the population Sitting at home without employment and with your talents in you doesn’t make enough sense .It is good to go where your fellow artists are and try out something and see if there is any way that you can go on and exploit your talents. There are no jobs nowadays, especially in third world countries; self-employment could be a good alternative instead of the many excuses that could be given here.

Even if you are employed and you have some knowledge in any of the arts, it could be good if you saved some of your time, say, perhaps in the veining after work and try something in the arts .It could supplement on your income. If say, you can draw or perhaps sing. If you composed, say, twelve songs and you practiced every evening singing them after work for two hours daily and the recorded them and sold them to music lovers, you stand a chance of making an amount of money that you can not even make in your whole working life time. I you are a good musician who can make music that can sell up to several million copies worldwide, the income will about a hundred times the amount of money that you can make from the first day of your employment to the last day when you retire plus all the benefits of retirement. Investing in the arts is an extremely good idea.

The arts have some advantages over other kinds of employment. With the arts, the artist will keep all the earnings of the work while a person who is employed earns a very small fraction of what he or she produces. Perhaps out of the ten billion shillings that you will be making for your employer daily, you will earn only twenty thousand shillings, which is a very small fraction of the daily total production. Therefore if only you could discover how to use your talents to earn an income, you would make a great step in your life and this too makes investing in the arts far much better than the other kinds of employment.

Even if you won’t take part personally and directly in the in the production of the arts, there is still no difference .It doesn’t change the place of the arts take in our lives. If you mobilized a group of musicians and then they sang for you, the product of your work cannot be the same as that which you earn when you are employed for the same period .If you do your own thing, you enjoy all the benefits and advantages that can be available, it can not be the same as in the offices where by you work under someone he or she keeps following you for the whole day even when you are doing very well and in the name of correcting the wrongs that could have been happening at the place of work They keep teasing you all the time and all the evils that go on at the place of work pass on you ,Some people don’t like this .And doing what we have just read is an alternative to this .Whatever the excuse might be ,but investing in the arts is a very sensible idea because it enables you to skip all the obstacles and gives you the chance to succeed in life.

Most arts are meant for luxury and therefore there is always a ready market for your products provided that your work is good. Fun is the best medicine for stress and the other conditions that arise from the other unfavorable conditions that any one can come across in life. No one can see an artist like a fool for providing fun.
Published: 2008-04-24
Author: john ambuli

About the author or the publisher
I'm a Kenyan .I'm thirty nine years old and i read up to the O level in my country and i do freelance news reporting at the Kenya news agency offices in Kericho kenya.

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