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Why One Must Avoid Submitting Plagiarized Papers To Clients

Plagiarism, Service, E cheating

Plagiarism is the practice of claiming or implying original authorship of ( or incorporating material from), someone else’s written or creative work, in whole or in part into one’s own, without adequate acknowledgement. Plagiarism by students, professors or researchers is considered academic dishonesty, or academic fraud, and offenders are subject to academic censure.(cited from Wikipedia)

The use of internet has only resulted in e-cheating. Students, consultants, professors and researchers can easily do a cut /paste job, as there are innumerable webs from where they can download material form. Genuine form creators are therefore unaware of the potential the internet has for echeating, and such plagiarism only results in a fall in values, and mediocrity and original works may not merit the due appreciation they deserve. A classic example is the web where students can pick up any paper on any topic , copy , paste and submit the same.

Wherever there is work, there are clients. One of the most important parts of work, is to maintain steady relationships with clients. Beyond the importance of a client contract is the ability to deliver the goods, focus on the objectives and being original is a part of this process. Plagiarized articles or reports given to clients would only tantamount to cheating, sabotage or deception. Plagiarism is a legal issue as well, and this can complicate the client relationship manyfold.

Clients believe in judging consultants or article writers by the quality of service they receive. With many sites offering customized papers, clients may be enticed into accepting a low cost quote on the deliverable. But keep in mind, any client is bound to shun a piece of borrowed text, where someone else’s name appears on somebody else’s text. This may lead to loss of identity and ratification of a falsified deliverable. Plagiarized articles lead to a fall in quality levels, a downfall of ethics and moral values By plagiarizing the consultant or article writer has only endorsed a stolen good as genuine.

The origin of ideas comes from the human brain. While our brain is at work, original creativity stems from our environment, past experiences and novel episodes which may have occurred in our life. Being creative and original is indeed a virtue. Adopting someone else’s stance on things consciously or unconsciously , would only provide insights on what others are doing or thinking, a duplication of some sorts, or a plagiarist attitude.

Certain tips on how to complete an assignment successfully:

(i) Devote full quality time to the assignment/article.
(ii) Give oral presentations as far as possible and then document the presentation.
(iii) Conceptualise on the problem.
(iv) Add value on the article/report content through conceptualization.
(v) Subscribe to a plagiarism search service to detect plagiarism.
(vi) Implement the advice.

Published: 2007-12-13
Author: Amita Shanbag

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