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Why The Chicken Crossed The Road

Chicken, Philosophy, Egypt, Cilantro, Personal

Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road? Especially When It Could Have Taken the Chickens’ Bridge Only A Few Kilometers Away
Could It Be The Heat?

Isn’t it ironic that ACs (Air Conditioners) work much more efficiently during winter when it’s freezing!

I’m not poor. I’m actually well off compared to many people in this country (or on this planet). Currently, I am unemployed. No wonder I am writing this. Some call it “freelance” to be polite. We both know what it is, but that’s beside the point.

I imagine that anyone can make money. But doing what precisely and earning how much are two important questions. I am an artist. Does that answer my questions?

I used to be more of a shock artist in the past. Sort of like Kafka’s Hunger Artist. Unfortunately, my art was exclusive for two main reasons: it being mostly (if not mainly) in English and it being largely (if not solely) experimental.

Now, I’m sitting here at Cilantro at the non-smoking area. I quit smoking almost a year ago. Thank you. I’m in the Downtown branch. And it isn’t just polluted, grey, and over-crowded. It’s damn hot! I can hardly breathe. I am serious. I’m completely disoriented. I’m writing this with great difficulty. I’m tired from sitting. I can’t imagine walking outside either.

So I’m in here: inside this artificially ventilated little posh spot and I have no idea where this country is heading. And mind you… I’m an optimist… an artist who likes to promote that which is positive.

You can call me middle class or middle-upper class or bourgeois even if you like. I transcend those social classes however. Not that I am any better. I’m just outside social classification… an artist goes beyond classification. An artist is an observer.

I’m not the starving artist. Not yet. I’m the unemployed pampered dependent lazy artist you may say. I’m not the super-egotistical-star either. Thank God!

I’m not into art for fame or money. Of course, I want to make a living doing what I like or doing what I do best, but if it’s not selling, I won’t stop doing it.

I’m not in for ego-pumping. And I am not here to advertise a (false and disguised) art form that could merely be another unneeded product.

I care for people. Although some may argue that I’m too distant from people unaware of their problems. I care for them, man even if they think I’m just another crazy artist with a corrupted mind or soul. I love them, man even though they may not understand me or even if they don’t try hard enough. But I just can’t imagine the future of this country. This desert land. This overpopulated city. This over polluted cosmopolitan historical graveyard. This holy land of congestion, corruption, and chaos. This unhealthy absurdity we cling to and call “home.” To what do we cling? Those bridges and tunnels? Or those ancient pyramids and beautiful mosques that hardly belong to us?

You can hardly see the streets anymore with cars parked everywhere possible and impossible. Next to the left and right sidewalks. Sidewalks? Ha! We walk?! We use our streets and sidewalks (if we’re lucky enough) to dispose our garbage. I’m not going to talk about double and triple parking, the insignificance of having lanes in the streets of Cairo, horn addiction, or porn addiction!

Lack of greenery! Social unawareness! Cultural ignorance! Unhealthy lifestyles! Lots of “religious people” and no universal ethics.

Global warming! Yeah… we’ve got the Nile. Why should we worry about our problems? That should solve everything from electricity to agriculture to sustaining life to hygiene to dead genes to paying off old and on-going debts.

Lethargy isn’t just a sin. It’s a national social phenomenon as dangerous as the black plague and as contagious as can be. Just smoke up and let it be... Eat your fool and be free…

I mean what’s the point of a third world country developing or evolving? That could mean competition with second and first world countries and ultimately could lead to war and/or coalition. But it would be definitely an awakening…

A step forward! Or downward. Isn’t it all a matter of perspective? Isn’t it all about relativity? From 3 to 2. From 2 to 1. From 1 to 0. From chicken to no chicken…
Published: 2008-08-30
Author: Robert Beshara

About the author or the publisher
Have been writing poetry and lyrics since I was 16. Printed a book. And in the process of publishing my second book. Both are a collection of poetry and prose.

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