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Words of Wisdom

Words of wisdom

Words of wisdom we can pass onto someone today.

The values of yesterday are not the values of today. Can you imagine going to a young person with advice today with yesterdays values.

You think about doing the right thing by your younger children or nieces and nephews. Disappointing as it may seem you have to wait for the younger person to come to you, the older one for advice, our advice is old hat and no longer applies.

Life is tough you have to believe in yourself. This is not some thing you can teach somebody. People can encourage you, the ones who love you and are your family and friends, but at the end of the day you are born alone and you die alone.. You have to share your happiness, your sadness, with someone you trust. Do not bother people with your anxiety, with your sadness, with your diseases because they do not like it. People always go where they see the light, come to people with happy thoughts.

If you get a gift, be happy, because it is very special and do not say " No I do Not Need it." Accept it because if they give it to you, they want to give it to you. Take action. Initiate, plan and follow through.
Remain committed at all times laugh as hard as you can. Then most importantly DREAM. Dream all the time. Dream of what was and what is to come, be thoughtful, examine everything you are told before reacting to it and then after you have thought about it a long time then think again. Learn to believe in your own experience dare to be alive, dare to do what you believe is your destiny. The remaining message, I would leave behind, it would be simply that god has done a good job with the with the world. We should learn to love it, rather than engaging in a battle with our surroundings in an attempt to adapt them to our needs, I sincerely believe we must seek to adapt ourselves to the worlds needs.
Published: 2008-04-26
Author: Barbara Haynes

About the author or the publisher
I am 55yrs old, mother of two wonderful girls, now days I am picking up writing and reading after many years of being on the side lines with illness. I have only been a computer owner for 18 months. Since my daughters married I have been trying to re-educate myself with my computer it has been hard work but I am enjoying myself especially looking up subects and doing research for myself. I also love my dogs 2 small chihuaha xbreed dogs.

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